Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Portland, Oregon Rednesday

Can I first huff and puff and say, in the most plain of words, that I LOATHE the new blogger?! Grumble grumble snarfle hiccup!  I did this post in its entirety yesterday and I continually "saved" it, plus the program kept "auto saving" it all the while ... well ... I went to post it this morning and all that appeared was the Title.  Just my post title.  Not any of my text or the many photos I uploaded and resized and repositioned, over and over again. And I just now back clicked on my history and I can SEE my DRAFT, complete draft, as bold as day - and yet, it's not in my drafts folder.  Why did blogger save my title but not my post?!  What the hoohah is that all about?!  miffle piffle pish posh GRRRRRRRRRRRR!   OK, sorry ... feeling a bit better now ... back to Rednesday.

(Please visit Sue at Sue Loves Cherries for more Rednesday fun!)

Some vintage Portland, Oregon tourist ephemera for this Rednesday. Enjoy!
(sorry, there's more blue than red!)



  1. Love the graphics on your flyers and postcards. Much grumbling about the blogger changes - so far I'm doing okay (knocking wood wildly) Happy Rednesday.

  2. OH NO! I've heard it's been an issue and I noticed a couple of problems when I updated my SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation blogspot site but nothing on this level. How FRUSTRATING!!! Were you able to access your draft and resave it - or copy and paste it? I do hope so. But it looks gorgeous now. Thanks for an interesting visit for Rednesday and hoping it starts working better for you! :)

  3. First time here and love the vintage feel!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. Great collection Sally. I've never been to Portland, but it looks awesome. I had the same trouble with blogger, but I went back to the old format. (Whatever that's called) I don't know if they'll keep the old dashboard, but the new dashboard is horrible. Good luck. I'm still waiting on Family Tree Maker. I'm gonna call tomorrow-it should have been here by now.I'll keep you posted,

  5. Love me some PORTLAND! (On my list of places to retire to). As for Blogger and changes - BLECK. There are enough changes in life without them chiming in - lol! Hope all is well and you are getting some you time. xox!

  6. ooooh... I love it. Love anything retro but I love all those vintage illustrations. Very cool!

    Just a friendly tip from one blogger to another, if you have a PC you an use Windows Live Writer for much easier blogging. You can download the program for free and work on your blog posts from your desktop instead of online, and then when you're done you can publish it to your blog with one click. Its pretty easy and give you more options than blogger does for posts, makes photo uploading and editing easier, etc. Good luck! :)

  7. Very bright and cheerful advertising and postcards for the area. We will just have to keep pluggin on with blogger, I don't think they will change it back.

  8. Hey, it's my town! I absolutely love these Postcards!

  9. What FUN FINDS! My hunny did grad school in Portland so we spent two years as Oregonians. I loved the picture post card albums; the one of Timberline Lodge covered with snow is gorgeous; what memories sitting at Lost Lake having a picnic...


  10. It's me again, Sally!
    I just visited some of suelovescherries archives and found your post on Portland. I am an Oregonian who has returned to her home state after following my Navy husband around for many years.
    It's great to be home again...
    Thanks for the fascinating post!
    Blessings from Bend,

  11. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.