Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Gramma's Sewing Machine

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I thought this Thursday I'd share my fraternal Grandmother's sewing machine with you.  It's very beat up but I love it!  From it, my grammy would make clothes for my Barbie dolls and I wish I knew what else.

Thankfully I was able to find my grandmother's manual and it says it's model 66-1.  From what I could ascertain through googling, it was produced during the years 1900-1910. I found a photo here at sewnuts - I'd never seen a "parlor" cabinet before.  I'm not sure if that means all 66-1 models came in a parlor cabinet?

My father had told me that it was originally a treadle machine and that my grandmother had it converted to a "portable" (which it most certainly is NOT portable, the thing weighs a TON! I could not budge it a half an inch, thank heavens for husbands!).  We did find a receipt in the compartment dated 1950 something, that must have been when it was converted (into this immovable object hahahaha!). 

Oh! I forgot to say that when we unearthed it at my parents house, it was locked and the key was never found (among the gazillions of stray keys we did find).  So my husband lugged it to the locksmith and had two new keys made for it, so that we could finally see inside.  

What a beauty she must have been in her day!

 (we found this box inside the little accessory compartment, 
containing lots of little metal thingies, hmmmm, not sure what they are!)

 (Grammies handwriting ... sigh ... sniffle sniffle ...)

 (Grammies obviously much used manual)

 (love the vintage illustration inside)



  1. What a awesome treasure. Love when I find a note my Grandma wrote..yes sniff sniff

  2. It's beautiful! I just love "Grammies Handwriting", and the cute little box of metal thingies too!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    Erica :)

  3. So wonderful that you have this 'Treasure'. I'm a fan of old sewing machines and have a treadle as well as several Singer on my Apron Post today. Your pictures are great and reall show the care and love that was given this special machine. It's a real 'Family Heirloom'.

  4. She is a beauty. I found an old Singer at the thrift store and did you know Singer has a web site that can date your machine and tell you where it was made? I found mine was made in 1928. So you can do geneology on your Singer. Awesome!
    I think I just googled- date your Singer sewing machine. Let us know if you find out anything.

  5. OMG, that antique singer is amazing! I found a similar one a couple years ago at a thrift shop, but it was built into a really, really old table. Such an awesome find! Thanks for sharing!

  6. How special you have her machine. If only it could talk! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What an absolute treasure,and with those memories too. Lovely :)

  8. What a treasure!! I love old sewing machines, but to have your Grandma's is so special.

    Jocelyn @