Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh to be stitching!

WAH! I so long to be working on my project from my class at French General but I'm stuck over here, buried under paperwork.

I just found out I have to do two tax returns for my father for 2011 and of course my own - so I have to work on THREE poopie-doo tax returns. PHOOEY!

And I'm working on gathering paperwork for a new attorney I've hired for a non-payment issue my father's estate has. Can you imagine - some slime ball of a human being is trying to get out of paying my father?! WEASEL.

Common courtesy, decency and professionalism do not move this rogue, nuh uh. Polite letters do not budge this scoundrel. Phone calls mean nothing to this villain. Frustratingly, I have had to engage a Litigation Attorney to deal with him.

I am in serious need of some smilies over here so I thought I'd take a break from all the paperwork and post a wee bit of Show and Tell!

When we chose our seats at French General, we found darling take-home gifts of a journal, pencil and a mini pack of MODA French General fabrics.

Charlotte Lyons had brought squares of her new fabric line for us to use as our backing fabric for our hearts and told us to pick one of our choice. I picked her darling pattern that looks like a crazy quilt - you can see it behind the beginnings of my heart in the center.

We were given linen squares from FG for our front pieces and away we went, each creating our own unique heart.

I decided to make yo yo's out of the darling mini pieces of fabric and I had brought some vintage lace that I had found in my grandmother's things - I ended up using just a snippet of it at the bottom of my heart. The other lace was given to me by Kaari - she went around snipping off bits of lace for those who wanted it. So much fun!

I'm nowhere near done - much foo foo-ing, embellishing and fluffing up needs to be done yet but I wanted to share a bit of the day with you and what I've done so far.

Can you believe it's nearly Valentine's Day already?!


  1. So sorry for the issues with your fathers estate. you need to break out and have some "me" time!

  2. A little break, especially one as pretty as this one can go a long way! Don't look at hiring a lawyer as a bad thing. Now you have a knight to fight your dragon. Your father is blessed to have a daughter like you!