Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hope Chest Vintage Thingie Thursday

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Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!

ACK! I'm a later tater to VTT today! Sorry!

I was at a real loss over what to share this week, couldn't think of anything and then I remembered I had taken a few photos of my maternal grandmother's hope chest, up at my dad's house.

My parents weren't the greatest of caretakers (understatement!). It's in very sad shape and I'm afraid under my care, it hasn't done much better, sitting out in the garage, gathering dust.

(My grandmother and grandfather are pictured in the photo in my blog banner - they are the man and woman, on the far left side of the photo. My mom is the little girl in the center.)

So this chest belongs to the young woman on the far left, circa 1900 and something - my grandmother was born in 1899 and my mom in 1921. Somewhere in between those years, my grandmother carefully placed her dreams inside, in preparation of her marriage and new life.

It bears the manufacturer's stamp, "E. R. Co., Forest Park, Illinois" on the inside lid. I was able to find a teeny tiny bit about the company, The Ed Roos Company of Forest Park" on this blog post on Chicago Antiques Guide.

Does anyone know about vintage hope chests?


  1. my brother has my moms and grandmothers cedar chest...I still have mine. I guess we are the last of the generations to want such a thing. I was so excited when I got mine years ago.
    Yours may be worn, but beautiful.

  2. I love it. I have my mom's that her grandma bought for her. It hasn't faired all that well over the years either (we moved a lot!). I kind of like it like that, though. Kinda of like get your bumps and nicks. :)

  3. This is fantastic. I think it is fabulous...has character! Happy VTT

  4. Get that out, clean it up and show it off. A very nice piece.

  5. I agree with LV! But refinish it; DON'T paint it! I have my grandmother's cedar chest, which I refinished as a Home Ec. project in high school. My mother gave it to me 50 years ago and it's sitting on the floor behind my chair right now!

  6. Oh, it has so much character! Bring it into your house, clean with a little Murphy's oil soap, and enjoy it.

  7. What a beautiful piece. It looks like inlaid wood on the front. I wouldn't paint it for anything!

  8. It's so pretty, and not scuffed up - it has many stories and lots of character!

    I have my great grandmother's cedar chest. I remember I always loved it as a child. She kept her special treasures in it.

  9. The hope chest is beautiful! What history it must hold. I just found your blog and I am your newest follower.

  10. I have this exact chest - it belonged to my great-grandmother - my mom just gave it to me this weekend. I rubbed it down with Old English and it looks beautiful. Only thing is, I realized after seeing yours that mine is missing the feet -