Thursday, December 15, 2011

sort of merry and bright

(apologies to the unknown gentleman whose noggin is in the forefront of this photo!)

Last weekend we saw a stage play of "It's A Wonderful Life" - so very charming! It was staged as a radio show, with a sound effects guy and everything. So much fun. My husband took this photo of the stage with his phone before they announced none were allowed. Wuh oh. You can kind of make out the sound effects mans area on the left hand corner, he had lots of fun things to play with.

The whole experience was lovely - as we approached the theater, there was an a capella group singing Christmas carols and inside there were free dessert stations, to fill ourselves up on. I enjoyed the truffles. very much.

We're also looking forward to warbling along at Harry Shearer and his wife's Annual Holiday Singalong event - we've never been before but I'm sure it'll be a hoot.

Wishing you lots of holiday merry making fun!

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  1. Hi Sally,
    It was so great to hear from you again! :) It sounds like you had a really fun night at this play - I am sure that I would have enjoyed it too. My plans to visit the National Christmas Center in PA this December have been postponed until after the New Year (wah!). I'm glad to see you blogging again too - Happy Holidays!
    :) Stephanie