Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Rednesday!

Please visit Sue at It's A Very Cherry World for more Rednesday fun!

Waving Hello to my Rednesday friends!

Oh good gosh, my parents had a lot of stuff. While going through all of it (!), I found lots of things that I remembered from my childhood.

I'm sharing two wooden decorative figurines that I can remember playing with as a child and also a paper crane. So these are kind of "vintage" as I am older than dirt, at least that's how I am feeling these days at any rate teehee!

My mother had a wonderful side job that brought her lots of friends worldwide. Things of wonderment would arrive, sent from far far away as gifts of friendship. Letters from Japan quite often contained charming origami cranes, of varying sizes. A Japanese pen friend also sent these fun wooden figurines - there are pencil scribbles on the back of the smaller one's head, my younger self apparently wanted to give her a new coif!


  1. Hi Sally ~ aka Dr Who Fan!!!!
    Beanie has certainly made me a fan as well although I am a bit more fond of the last Dr Who rather than the current one (but don't tell her that!) :)

    Those figurines are darling but it must be so bittersweet to be going thru their belongings. Sending hugs your way....

    Since I am going on vacation in a few days and won't be blog-hopping for awhile-- have a wonderful hoilday, friend!

  2. Nothing better than some of the childhood memories. I love these little figurines.

  3. I'm stopping from It's a Very Cherry World. I was intrigued with your rednesday post. I have an adopted daughter from China and your pencil case reminds me of items we saw while traveling in China. Happy Rednesday!

  4. I've got a few of those Japanese figurines too! Yours are wonderful! Happy Rednesday!

  5. Lovely figurines, have been thinking a lot latley about my childhood Christmas celebrations.

  6. Darling figurines. Love all your furr kid pictures. We have a few doggie's around our house too.

  7. Sally....I used to visit you often when I was using my Button for Baga blog. Then my back and arthritis got so bad I could not knit or sew, so last winter I started up my photography blog...
    htto://www.climbingthedigitalmountain.blogspot.com. I have missed all of you gals so much...especially Vicki at Cherry Chick and Debbie at Cozy Blanket. So today I decided to take my typewriter and bring it home to Rednesday after all of these months. Hopefully tomorrow I will get thru the list of contributors, but before throwing in the rag for tonight I wanted to say thank you for your visit. Buttons is still up there, but I wrote a little note a couple of months ago saying that I wa now focusing on this blog instead. Take care and have a very happy week. And...by the way....I adore you little Japanese figurines. They are precious. I have never seen any like them before. They look so festive for this time of the year. Hugs, genie

  8. So cute!
    Happy Rednesday:)

    Kay Ellen