Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspired Ideas Christmas Issue

Once you catch your breath from all of the excitement (!!!), run on over and be prepared to be awed, dazzled, and inspired. (and have an uncontrollable urge to belt out Christmas songs!) Amy and her beloved group of mega talented artful friends have outdone themselves with this one. So much fun! And amazingly it's free, a most wonderful gift to all of us.

Also, grab a note pad and start writing out a grocery list of provisions because you're going to be home for a very long time making all these goodies.

Here it is.

Also, darling Amy's blog is here.

Enjoy! Happy early crafty Christmas!


  1. I feel like playing Christmas carols while I work. I used to have this rule, "No carols before Thanksgiving!", but I might break it. :) Happy early crafty Christmas to you! xox Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    ACK! I'm so pooped from Halloween and overwhelmed with the arrival of Thanksgiving, that I'm feeling tempted to just move right into Christmas WAH! Woe is me. Are there any good Thxgiving ditties to get me in the mood? ;)
    Happy Thursday!
    Sally xoxoox

  3. Sally~
    Thanks so much for leaving me the comment about Inspired Ideas. I had read on Mary's blog that she was contributing to the issue but I had not made it back over since the issue was released.
    How fabulous is it!! I was REALLY inspired by many of the projects in there. I, too, plan to share the magazine on my blog. Everyone should get a look at it. I just love Issuu. I aspire to be able to create an online magazine. This is the third one that I have seen that has blown me away.
    We both have the same thoughts on I'm not sure I have "forgotten", yet. Any pics to share of your Expedit or am I missing them here on your blog already??
    Thank you so much for your congrats!

  4. Hi Vicki!
    You're very welcome!
    I immediately thought of you when I saw ME's contribution to the issue. & Isn't it fantastic?! It's so full of goodies to make, I kept thinking "surely this has got to be the last pattern" and no, it went on and on for pages yet. So wonderful.
    Have you seen the online mag from Sweet Paul? It's lovely, if you haven't already seen it.
    I don't have any pictures of my Expedit yet - my craft area is currently an eyesore (of epic proportions WAH!), and would scare everybody teehee. Perhaps after the holidays when I don't continually have a gazillion supplies out, I will finally get some pics taken.
    Happy almost weekend!

  5. Sally,
    I had to comment on the beautiful autograph book-so sweet. I can't wait to get Inspired Ideas too. Happy Monday!

  6. I did check out this wonderful magazine. What a special treat for all of us! Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth

  7. Ok...I'm going right now..thanks for the link