Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas long long ago on Rednesday & VTT

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I thought I'd share some personal bits and pieces from Christmases long ago for this Rednesday and Vintage Thingie Thursday.

I found this darling Christmas card my mom sent out when I was a baby. My mom liked to save one of each card she sent every Christmas, to remember them. Did your Mom do that? I wish I could find some of the others, what fun that would be!

My mom sent out a slew of cards, between family, friends and business
acquaintances each year & she had the world's worst handwriting and
boy did she enjoy getting her holiday cards printed. I know you're
cringing if you're reading this Elizabeth, teehee!

My Dad is a Manufacturer's Rep for many companies - even still at the age of 92! Guess he knows his stuff, huh?! He traveled all the time when I was growing up and there were always the most fun postcards and letters for my brother and I.

From December 1960

Dear Sally,
Santa Claus
must be close
to here because
it's very cold.

From December 1960

Dear Sally,
I sure do
miss you fellers and
I hope to be
home when you
get this letter.
Haven't seen
Santa Claus here
but it's cold enough
to be the North
Pole. Wish I hadn't
forgotten my long

(the envelope that went with the above letter, look at the funny return address!)
If not delivered in (my dad wrote) - 2 YRS
return to (my dad wrote) - A. Nutt
address (my dad wrote) - Tent #3
state & country (my dad wrote) - Hooverville, USA

Christmas 1960

Are you old enough to remember Western Union?
If you're as old as dirt like I am, you may have received one of these too.

Thanks for being a good little girl,
and minding your Mom and Dad.
My sleigh is loaded with lots of gifts,
to make you very glad.
I'll soon be leaving the cold
North Pole and heading down your way,
to leave these toys and things for you,
to have on Christmas day.
Merry Christmas,
Santa Claus

And my favorite thing of all, my stocking from when I was little.


  1. Now that is what I call real treasures. I love all of them. So glad you still have them to share with us.

  2. Sally, what wonderful family treasures! That Christmas card is great with the personalized family members inside, LOVE it!

  3. How precious are all of these treasures, but what I love most are the memories attached to these gifts of love and sentiment~xXx

  4. WHat great memories, Sally. I love the that you have so much of your stuff from when you were a kid. They are treasures! Love your stocking, I'm looking for my old one as we speak! How was your Dad's birthday?

  5. What wonderful treasures and memories. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Oh now these are some of the sweetest Christmas treasures I have seen. You are a dear to share these precious things with us.

  7. Good Morning, Sally! Your special Christmas treasures are so sweet. Thank you for sharing them. I think you should come visit our blog today! I need your address :) Twyla

  8. Oh Sally, This was such a sweet post! I'm so glad you have these treasures to share with us. Snowflakes outside my window at this very moment and this post are such a wonderful way to start my day! Elizabeth

  9. Oh the Santa Gram is PRICELESS. Its so wonderful to still have your stocking.

  10. What precious treasures! What a funny return address-- Your dad is a card!! Pun intended! ;o)

    Thanks for the visit!

  11. Oh Sally!
    What wonderful memories!!!! You have brought tears to my eyes! But happy ones! Aren't you glad you still have these? You can read them and instantly be a child again!!!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! :) Congrats on winning my afghan too! LOL Sandy

  12. How very special that you still have these. Wonderful how people wrote everything down and it was tangible. Now so much communication is electronic. Not quite as touching.

  13. What cool family treasures and that little felt tree is too CUTE. Have a good day....Julian

  14. My mother kept the greeting cards I received when I was first born. I have those...What beautiful memories and such precious keepsakes..I just loved reading one...Thanks so much for sharing...

  15. Hi Sally,

    Oh, you remind me of me! And your Mom reminds me of mine. She has bad handwriting too, but she says that is because she is a nurse and was always in a hurry. LOL!

    I have my stocking too. I think I will show it next week on Rednesday. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

    Have a great week!


  16. Such a great post Sally. Your Dad sounds like he's a real character! I love how he kept in touch with you while he traveled. I don't know if my Mom kept a card each year, but I do! I can never bear to send out that last one, because I usually choose a box of cards that I love, so I've ended up keeping one every year. Unfortunately they're just not as sweet as the cards from the past!
    Happy REDnesday!

  17. How fantastic that you still have these wonderful treasures!! You must cherish them!!
    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  18. Oh what a sweet post. I love it. I wished I had some of the cards my parents sent out. It was always such a big deal to us kids, seeing the stack of envelopes being mailed. Thank you for sharing.

  19. What wonderful treasures! Your dad really has a great sense of humor!

  20. Oh my gosh, Sally, your post is amazing!!!! I love your "memory" pieces...so precious and timeless...and yes, I remember Western Union...I wish we still had it...I talk about that all the time! It's a nice way to congratulate someone on an event, but we've got internet, so I guess they did away with it....
    I love your stocking too...so adorable!!!
    I finally got some of my Tussie Mussies posted...It's taken the whole day to get pictures of 7 of them...geez! lol

  21. How wonderful that you still have these treasures! You are lucky to have this stuff, apparently my family is a bunch of purge and toss kind of people because I don't have squat! :)

  22. What a sweet and precious post! I loved every word and image -- fantastic, and thank you so much for sharing this little peek at your growing-up years. what marvelous parents you were blessed with!
    Best wishes, Cass

  23. Sally! What lovely memories for you. :) I have nothing from my childhood - except for a shoebox of pictures. I love the messages from your Dad. What a sweet guy! xox Pam

  24. Hi Sally! What a charming post. You have lots of happy memories.
    what a lovely family you have!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. What absolutely wonderful keepsakes!! I so enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  26. You are so blessed to have these wonderful bits of holiday memories--what a sweet dad! Stop by and link up to my vintage holiday decor party at verymerryvintagestyle.blogspot.com

  27. Such sweet memories you've shared. Your dad must have been a really neat guy! I love that your mom got her cards printed I've spent my free moments for the last several days signing cards and addressing envelopes -- at least I'm not hand writing everyone a letter anymore! Now we just do one brief letter and send copies to everyone.

  28. What wonderful memories! I just loved reading the notes from your Father - How special those are!

  29. what a delightful post, Sally..all those sweet cards and messages, what special memories. I love the ones your dad wrote & his return address, what a wonderful sense of humour & what an amazing man to still be working at 92! oh and your dear little Christmas stocking..it looks as good as new. Thanks for sharing your sweet little treasures & memories :) x

  30. I have one card my parents sent and it has little pictures representing family members too. I had a stocking with my name, and I really miss it.

  31. these are sweet and such lovely fond memories you must have...so neat yoou still have them and that sweet stocking.... I have mine as a little girl too which my Mom and sis made for me...i will probably do a little post on it soon...thanks for sharing your memories...Hugs, Mica

  32. I sent out lots of cards every year too and always save one out to keep. I love that you have one that your mom sent. Oh, and I print mine too.

    Your childhood stocking is precious. Thanks for sharing!

    xo -El