Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday fun

We went to Clementine for breakfast YUM - sat outside and enjoyed our quiches and scrambles. Dear Other Half had a hair appointment, so then we did that and then went to a yard sale I had been looking forward to. SCORE! I got a darling beat up old Holly Hobbie lunch pail and a Spode Christmas Tree gravy boat. Happy dance!

I could kick myself, I used to have, I think a McCall's embroidery pattern, of the same Holly Hobbie graphic that is on the pail. I must have thrown it out (years ago when I was a pinhead & did not appreciate/comprehend the wonderfulness of HH). WAH! Thankfully I still have my Holly Hobbie book and a collectors plate - I had the presence of mind to keep those ... knock on empty head.

We went by another yard sale but we were too late (or they didn't have it after all) as there wasn't any sign of it. Got to be an early bird, don't you!

& then we picked up lunch from Chin Chin and whisper dessert from Susie Cakes and went home and just vegged out with the previous evenings Bill Moyers and Bill Maher on the DVR - great to see Jeremy Scahill on both shows. We read our books and dozed off in the afternoon and snoozed contentedly, like the old fossils we are.

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