Tuesday, June 9, 2009

for the love of funghi and etsy update

I love all things mushroom-y and gnome-y, don't you?

I've listed some shroom stamps in my Etsy shop - I think they'd be fun for handmade invitations to a woodland themed party. But then you could only have seven woodsy friends come to your party and certainly there are more appreciators of the funghi out there than a mere seven?! Perhaps then for a mushroom recipe card exchange?

Shroom sightings to delight and inspire:

@ My little Mochi

@ LucyKate Crafts

@ The Little House By The Sea

@ Purl Bee

@ Posh Plushies

@ knick knacks & ric rac

@ Posh Plushies

@ One Red Robin

@ Martha Stewart

@ Calamity Kim

@ maya made

@ Badbirds


  1. Hi Sally! Thank you for visiting my blog. You just have to read through the post one more time to SEE the EASY ANSWER. I have so enjoyed looking through your blog! Your header is wonderful! Elizabeth

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for your kind words and sweet comments! :) Running over to your blog now to see if I can detect the easy answer.