Tuesday, March 31, 2015

peter rabbit 1904 - photo heavy

I found this charming, albeit falling apart, edition of Peter Rabbit at the antique mall two or three months ago. I picked it up and opened the cover and at first, saw nothing but blank pages! Then I slowly retraced my steps and separated the pages to find these delightful color plates. Sadly some pages are missing, I think five or six pages of the story and illustrations are gone, but still --- it makes my heart go pitter pat! I thought this would be a fun time to share it with you, since Bunny Day is this weekend. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. 3 - what I made my partner

Sorry, I've been quiet a little longer than I intended to be! On top of trying to actually get something done over here, I got a miserable cold last week and haven't felt like doing much of anything.

Forgive me for repeating myself but I've been having so much fun participating in A Swap For All Seasons! It's quite a challenge and also wonderfully inspiring and exciting.  It's a year long swap, with the ultimate goal of making a darling garland of all the samplers we receive from our various partners. 
Today I'm sharing the third sampler I made. My partner in the third round is Joy, of Fifi's Daughter. It was a delight to make you a sampler Joy!

Hope this finds you all well and happy and hoping the Easter Bunny brings you lots of chocolates!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 6, 2015

advice from a Singer Sewing Machine Manual from 1949

I am suffocating under a mountain of Must-Do's over here and I am feeling overwhelmed and rebellious LOL. I have visited blogs, I have visited Facebook, I have Googled and I have pinned on Pinterest, all this morning!

Since you are all a crafty lot, my one last act of rebellion this morning will be to share this gem of antiquated thought with you, found on my internet travels on Cornflower.

TGIF!  And always be prepared, hahhahahhahha

Monday, March 2, 2015

a swap for all seasons mini sampler no. 2

This swap is the absolute most fun-est EVAH! Thank you so much Linda, for creating and hosting this year long sampler swap.
I just received my second mini sampler in the A Swap For All Seasons, from my partner Marti, of Artful Curiosities.

I LOVE IT to pieces!! Isn't it beautiful, so very lovely! Thank you so very much Marti!

And mine has been received by my second partner Linda, of Lambworld, so I can share what I made with you guys now.

Happy week to everyone!