Monday, January 26, 2015

young and fabulous, yes indeedy!

My cousin sent me a birthday card ... LOL ... OH YEAH, young and fabulous, that's me! (more like older than dirt but still moving hahhahahhaha)

Had some pre-birthday birthday fun over the weekend on Saturday ... first the wonderful Road to California Quilt Show, out in mega WINDY Ontario and then a fun modern ballet, based on the music of Sarah McLachlan, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy".

I had fun but could have had a whole lot more hahahha

The ballet was lovely, such beautiful images
made with the human body. And I adore Sarah McLachlan.

And here's my very first mini sampler 
that I showed you a sneak peek of earlier,
for my partner Marti ...

Happy Monday!


  1. What a festive post! Happy Birthday to that card. The quilt show looks fabulous, glad to see you got to purchase lots of treasures there. Love Sara McLachan and have worn out many of her CD's. Dating myself here, remember the Lileth Fairs? Ballet to her music sounds captivating.

    The sampler is wonderful...pretty, warm, feminine, creative, and colorful. Such nice work. Lucky swap partner!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Hi Pam!
      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! We went out to dinner (in the rain) and we'd just been served our appetizers and I started getting an opthalmic migraine and had to leave. WAH! Thankfully the "halo" of light is short lived for me but it's very disconcerting and troubling out in public, losing your vision!!! Anyway, our main courses traveled back home fine and I was better shortly after.
      I was able to go through the quilt show like a whirlwind, having looked up the vendors before hand and knew where my favorites were. WAHOO, woman on a mission hahhahahaha. They delayed letting us in due to the tented area being partially blown over and vendors things knocked down. WTH?! By the time we got to that area of the show, the wind was crazy and scary all over again and my favorite vendor, poor thing, had been stuck on the outer perimeter and the wind was gusting and the "building" was shaking. Sooooo creepy. I bought a couple of things and I told her I'd see her at her next show in March LOL.
      Yup, sure do remember Lilith Fair - wish I had gone to one. The ballet was modern and sometimes quirky - during "Building a Mystery", the ballerinas did a mock scream when the lyrics said "you woke up screaming aloud" ...
      Thank you for the kind words about my sampler, so very sweet of you. I felt unsure the whole way.
      Happy evening to you!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Ann!
      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, so sweet of you! xo

  3. Happy Birthday...really late! I love your sampler...and you're right...we were thinking along the same lines with both of ours this time. Great minds, you know!