Saturday, January 3, 2015

catching up

Even though we were sick, we had a whirlwind of activity over Christmas week. I think we've been paying for it ever since though - hubby's cold morphed into a bad sinus infection and cough and I've got zero energy and allergies. We've been like sloths ever since.

We did drag ourselves out for New Year's Eve dinner though. We went to the same wonderful place we went to on Xmas Eve, this time for their NYE Sushi Tasting Menu. Eight super duper tasty tasty sushi's. All vegan. YUMMERS! They gave us a hat and a tiara as a gift this time ... and took the worlds worst photo of us which will not be seeing the light of day EVER, hahhahhahahha.


I just remembered, I don't think I ever mentioned that we saw a performance of Jane Austen's novel Northanger Abbey a few weeks ago with two English actors and ... PUPPETS!!!

And I'm so excited! I'm participating in a year long swap hosted by lovely Linda of A Swap For All Seasons. We are to make a mini fabric sampler for our partners each month, which we can ultimately make into a garland/banner when the year is through, if we choose to. How fun it will be to have a garland of 12 hand sewn samplers! 

This is quite a challenge for me but I'm really excited and looking forward to it. Started pulling down some boxes of fabric yesterday and I'm rather overwhelmed with ideas at the moment. My mind is off and running and going a million directions LOL. Anyway, I'll hope to share my progress with you over the coming year. 

Happy New Year and new adventures to you!


  1. I love the mini sampler swap idea. be sure to show us pics! hope you abd your hubby are feeling better soon. so many people starting the new year out sick. All four of my grandpies are sick... soooo sad! hopefully soon everyone will be back up and running at full speed. and hopefully I dont get it! lol!
    have a great day my friend!

    1. Hi Vivian!
      Doesn't the swap sound like fun?!! I'm so excited (and have huge performance anxiety tremble tremble).
      We went from sick to allergies and now poor hubby is back to sick again. Not fair, bah humbug. I'm so sorry all your cutie pie pies are sick, poor sweeties. Crossing all appendages they feel better right away.
      Happy Sunday! xoxo

  2. My Dear Sally, So often when I would be missing my blogging friends, you would be the top of my memory list. Here I find a post containing the very things I know you for. I always giggle at the adventuresome menus you and your husband love, the books you share, and your love of theater. What a joy you are! Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Oh! I'm so happy to see you today, what a wonderful surprise. And now you're over here and making me all smiley with your kind words, so very sweet of you, thank you! Glad I give you the giggles and not the eye roll LOL.
      Happy happy New Year to you Elizabeth! xoxo

  3. Happy New Year Sally, even if I'm a little late. Looks like you enjoyed another fab dinner at your fav place.

    Oh, I wish I was talented enough to join that swap, but anything involving a needle and sewing is beyond me, sigh. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

    xo, Pam

    1. Hi Pam!
      Wishing you much good luck at the doctor today, good results and treatment plan!
      Needle and thread scare me too but I do also enjoy them and I love fibers and fabric. I'll show my end result of each one I make - I'd like to show in between but I want my partner to be surprised. :)
      Happy New Year! xoxo

  4. I'll look forward to reading about your swaps each month. You must be getting really excited about your art retreat in May!

    1. Hi Patty!
      I've finished my first mini sampler and it's on it's way to it's recipient now YIPPIE! I'll post once I know she's received it.
      Boo hoo! I decided not to go to the Roaring Twenties Affaire. I had a date conflict and was going to miss some of it and I decided to cancel my reservation. Too much money to not get to enjoy it all. Can't wait to see what next years will be!
      Happy Hump Day! xoxo