Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vintage Linen Rednesday

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Happy Rednesday!

I'm sharing some of my mom's linens with you this week.

This small cutie was hand embroidered by someone - sadly I don't know if it was by my mother or by one of my grandmother's. I'm guessing it was probably stitched by my maternal grandmother since my mom, horror of horrors please forgive me Rednesday pals, was not a Red lover. I also found several of these fun, colorful pot holders like the one pictured above, in various color combinations. So cute!

Aren't these two darling?! I especially love the Mexican themed one, how fun it would be with vintage Fiesta ware.


  1. Lovely linens! Fiesta ware would go well with any of these.

  2. Linens of all kinds are one of my favorite things. I really like all you shared today.

  3. Both of these towels are really nice. I've never seen a Mexican blanket border like that. Love the red gingham"ish" border on the other.

    Someone did all of those stitches! Thanks for sharing your great collection at Rednesday.

  4. So cute! Do you use them? I have started using a few of the old linen tea towels I have. Just because. ;) xox

  5. Awesome linens! The colors in that pot holder are such a unique combo! ♥

  6. These are all so beautiful! What treasures! ♥

  7. Wow!! Those are gorgeous! I absolutely love vintage linens. I have often wanted to start my own collection but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop!!
    Hope you're having a great week!

  8. Love vintage linens! Especially the embroidered one -- lots of love, and work, went into that one!
    Lovely Rednesdays!

  9. I love your linens with RED! I have a few of those old tablecloths. I have one of them in a recent REDnesday on my main blog. This weeks REDnesday is on my craft blog.

    Happy Week!