Wednesday, January 11, 2012

bits and bobs and a case of the blues

ohhhhhhh ... today is a bit of a sad Sally day. Just when you think you have moved on along the process of grieving, the sadness smacks you like a tidal wave, knocking you over and pulling you down again with it.

The hubby had three lovely weeks off for the holiday break and we ramped up the fun meter and made lots of plans to pass the days. We saw movies and plays and friends and family. We read and rested and ate lots of good food. We happily ignored the things that needed to be done.

But today I feel like I'm in a comic strip ... it's sunshine and smiles everywhere for the other characters but for me, there's a dark cloud overhead.

sniffle sniffle WAH!

I started going through boxes from my dad's house again and came across these bits and bobs of cuteness - funny the things that are kept in a life, huh?! I like to think that perhaps my mom knew that one day they would be needed to bring a much needed smile and spirit-lightener.

Hope the sun is shining today for you! Sending hugs your way if it's raining!


  1. Here is a hug for you! I always hate January, it is the post holiday blues and the month I lost my Dad 34 yrs ago when i was 18. So I understand/

  2. I think you should think of a story your Mom and Dad would tell you with these unique finds!
    Treasure the memories that find their way to you! (((hugs)))

  3. aww sending hugs your way! I know what you mean, I had both of my girls home for the holidays and we had so much fun and kept so busy. Now the house is so quiet and I can't seem to get motivated to get anything done. I love the little items you've shared today, especially that little dress! Hugs and blessings, Nan
    PS, Are you on Pinterest? If not, there is another Sally Magundy!

  4. Ah, the lovely memories! That little dress is so sweet, and the postcard reminds me of a picture of my uncle and aunt beside a huge redwood. Sadness can turn to sweet nostalgia with our memories...

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Glad you had a few days of bliss, before you started down memory lane.

  6. Sally, I am so sorry you are blue. I love your little dress here, it is so sweet. I think your Mom and your Dad would want you to smile when you look at all these lovely things. Easier said some days than others, right? I hope you feel better soon! xox

  7. Oh God love you, I've been through that too, and it's hard, just plain hard. Wish I was there, we would go find us some fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment - Hugs ~ Mary

  8. I love your beautiful treasures and I understand about the up days...and the down! It happens to all of us! Sending you some HUGS tonight! ♥

  9. What a wonderful book! The drawings are gorgeous! Grief is so capricious...herr and then gone for a time...then triggered by the smallest and most mundane of things. But we can indeed be grateful for the memories and times together which are the real precious treasures. Thanks for your visit and so nice to meet you.