Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Botanical drawings for Vintage Thingie Thursday

(For those who have been following my posts about my father ... his doctor submitted his discharge orders a few hours ago. He is to go home to hospice care at about eight PM tonight. The past few days have been very difficult, he has become dependent on the BiPap machine, struggling for breath otherwise. So heartbreaking. He had begun to spend the days sleeping again (we think due to the build up of CO2) and saying only a few words - his doctor ordered another blood transfusion yesterday and he is a wee bit perkier today. I got to talk to him this morning on the phone and needless to say it brought smiles and tears of joy. I will be leaving in a bit to go to the hospital but have all this nervous energy and thought I'd do a Vintage Thingie Thursday post while I am waiting for my husband to come home and we leave for the hospital. Thank you again for all of your care and concern and prayers for my father.)

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This post is a continuation of my Rednesday post yesterday, here.

Today I am sharing a few pages from Aunt Lulu's college Biology notebook (from 1891) and admiring her delicate hand again (I have big clunky flourish-y handwriting and would love to have elegant handwriting!) and her drawings (I can't draw my way out of a paper bag!).

Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!


  1. So sorry to hear about your dad. Especailly, if he is going under hospice care. Trust that things take a turn for the better. If not, it has to be the Lord's will. A very interesting post on the biology notebook.

  2. You are very good to update us on your dad. Praying for you and your family...even from these family keepsakes I can see how dear you hold the love and the memories. What intriguing treasures.

  3. Sally, I'll be thinking of you today. This is one of those 'be strong' times in life, and I wish you strength now. Love the notebook - what wonderful drawings! xox Pam

  4. What a treasure you have in the book! Keeping your dad in my thoughts...Tanya

  5. What a treasure your book is! Praying for your dad. Thanks for linking in today. Happy VTT!

  6. Dear Sally,
    I happened to stumble on your blog and was really taken with your aunt's drawings of plants and flowers. I am starting up a website for my business (plant based natural skin care) and would like to possibly use one of those drawings, with your permission of course. Please email me if you would be so kind as to give your permission, and i will email a link to the site with the drawings (I would use them as a banner.) my email

    Thank you, hope to hear from you,