Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sally Annie Magundy

I bet you’re wondering what the origin of my funny blog name is. When I was little my dad called me various silly names. The name he most often called me was, Sally Magundy.

When I decided to start an Etsy store I was perplexed as to what I should name it. And then a lightning bolt hit – why of course, it had to be Sally Magundy. Especially since the word “salmagundi” (which was the origin of Sally Magundy), means “a collection containing a variety of sorts of things”.

And so my store became “Sally Magundy: a miscellany of creative ingredients” and it immediately felt like home.

Then I decided to start a blog in conjunction with my Etsy store and came to find out that Sally Magundy was already taken for a blog name!!! I wondered, did the blog holder of that name, have a father who lovingly called her that also? In that case, I will most happily share the name with her.

I was momentarily bereft to not have my childhood name (that would also match my Etsy store) but then it struck me that my brother called me Sally Annie Oakley when I was little – so all was well with the world again and the rightful name was found.

What was your father's and/or brother's special name for you?

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