Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Hope everyone has been having an enjoyable holiday weekend!

We went to yard sales and a thrift store on Saturday. I picked up some early issues of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine – I could kick myself for not having kept my old copies - & I got some darling Golden Books (the illustrations are so sweet), a Bobbsey Twin book and a fun old illustrated book of poetry. Oh and a really old compilation of Mark Twain’s works. And! I finally found two cashmere sweaters to felt for crafts. Didn’t think that was ever going to happen. Yahoo!

Sunday we saw a wonderful production of Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town” by the Actor’s Gang. “Our Town” is one of the best plays ever written to my way of thinking ... a play about love and remembrance, so very fitting for this weekend of remembering. Truly a must see if you’ve never seen it performed.

And today we saw a charming movie, “Easy Virtue”. I just read it was written by Noel Coward when he was 23. Light and entertaining.

Hoping and praying for peace and an end to war this Memorial Day Weekend.

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