Thursday, May 5, 2016

open letter to my Swap Partner who has gone *poof*

Dear swap partner o'mine ... yoohoo ... yodel-lady-who ... have you been waylaid by a band of hooligans, or fallen off the planet?

Perhaps you've had a bout of amnesia and forgotten me?

It's been four months since I've heard from you.

I wrote you again, it's been one month ago now and still no word of reply from you.

This makes me so sad and confused.  I have waited patiently. I don't understand. At all.

Do you know I can see you on Facebook and Etsy? 

From what you told me in January, I was worrying about you - so I'm glad to see that you are doing fine ... so how about sending me an email and letting me know what's up?


  1. How sad...I'd be extremely angry if I were you! I certainly hope your swap partner sees this and responds. Best of luck to you!

  2. That's just wrong. I hate when people don't follow through with swaps. very disappointing. I hoe she comes around soon. It leves a bad taste for swals after that happens.

  3. This makes me so sad. You are much too sweet to have this happen to:( Twyla

  4. Just saw this. Good for you-letting her know. Hopefully she'll get the word and come around. Talk soon!