Friday, December 26, 2014

christmas eats

When I wrote about the fun event we went to last weekend, I forgot to say that Charles Phoenix made us dessert too! Drum roll ... "Twink and Ho" Trifle in honor of the Twinkie and Ho Ho Factory where the event was held. Retro foodie fun fun fun! It looked great but I was too skeeerrred to eat it with all that high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring and flavoring and preservatives LOL. Not an eighth of a teaspoon of real food in that bwahhahhahahhaha

We were all on our own for Christmas yesterday and we pretty much napped and read and ate the day away. We did go out to our favorite vegan restaurant for Christmas dinner and had a wonderful time as always. They always take a photo on special occasions, so nice to have a memento from the evening. There was a special three course meal for Christmas with an optional dessert course. Yummy in my tummy!!!

 Red and White Christmas Soup
New York Rockefeller Terrine
 Holiday Gift Box
Frosty's Frozen Fantasy

Sorry, terrible picture. The dessert was so charming, a snowman with a chalet and decorated tree. Hoping you can see it better in the photo on the menu ... and they sent us home with snowman cookies too.

Our neighbors must have stopped by while we were out to dinner because my husband found a Christmas card and plate of cookies their kids made for us on our porch when he went out for our paper early this morning. I feel so sad, we only enter through our front door when we've gone for a walk and since we drove home, they must have sat out all night long sniffle sniffle ... 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

woof woof Merry Christmas

a very reluctant Rudolph ...
Holiday frivolity continues unabated over here LOL ... poor Missy got dragged into the act ... for a biscuit.

Tuesday we had the immense pleasure of going to see (the 89 years young!) Angela Lansbury in a revival of Noel Coward's, "Blithe Spirit". Fun fun fun. 

We had a lovely time on Christmas Eve at my cousins home. We're on our own today for Christmas. Hubby made me french toast for breakfast and there'll be lots of Christmas movie viewing.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

holiday happenings

To the tune of Jingle Bells, we're "Coughing all the way" through the holidays over here. Sheesh, will this monster of a bug leave town, puhleeeezze! Nevertheless, we are out and about and celebrating the season a bit. Fa la la la la ...  Gingerbread cookies have been eaten snarf snarf ...

and more Christmas cards made ...

Saturday night we saw the wonderful Irish accoustic band Lunasa in concert with singer Karan Casey at the Broad Theater, for A Celtic Holiday. Beautiful haunting music and Karan Casey's gorgeous voice.

And more merry making on Sunday! I've wanted to see Charles Phoenix for years and finally got to see his Retro Holiday Slide Show over the weekend. HYSTERICAL! Laughed for two hours straight without a pause. The event took place at the former Twinkie and Ho Ho Factory!!! - which has become Modernica Props, a gigantic movie prop rental company. Vintage lovers take a seat before you get the vapors and pass out on me --- filled to overflowing with mid century wonderfulness.

Holiday attire was suggested and we silly kids couldn't resist
bwahhahhahha ...

Happy almost Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

santa's on his way

The up side to having the mean old bug and unrelenting strangling cough from you-know-where, that hangs onto you (and hubby even more so!) for dear life and won't let go, is having plenty of crafty play time!  I can't seem to stop making holiday cards LOL. I think a snowman card is next on the list ... "in the meadow we can build a snowman ..."

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is still up in the living room and I'm hoping I can remember where my feather tree went to before Christmas Eve??!

The list is long long long of events planned and eagerly looked forward to (some all year long WAH!) that we've missed this December. But today we're off to a play, loaded down with smiles, kleenex and a boat load of lozenges. All appendages crossed for no lengthy coughing fits.

Happy (hale and hearty!) Holidays to you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a crafty happy holidays to you

Santa's Workshop is chugging along over here ... 
making Christmas cards today!

Monday, December 1, 2014

thanksgiving happy mail culmination and woohoo celebration of thankfulness of lovely crafty friends

sick as a noodle over here ... cough cough hack hack ... sort of like the walking dead, except it's more like the barely moving ...

Hubby teaches elementary school, the Petri dish of new and old fashioned viruses. No escaping the germs of 32 children - each armed with a nuclear arsenal of ickyness hahahhaha - and bringing it home to the wifey.

So we had a different holiday vacation week than we had planned - the hubby leading the way with the dastardly bug and then my being walloped and flattened by it on Friday. Each of us in denial, swearing it was bad allergies, it must be allergies, until the coughing. Will it ever end??!

We went out to dinner as planned on Thanksgiving (we were going to forfeit our deposit if we didn't, so decided to give it a try), my poor husband coughing into a handkerchief throughout the evening. I was just at that tipping point of feeling weird and low energy, but thinking I might just not get it. HAH! Take that Sally! Neener neener the weasely bug said to me. 

Smacked me down early morning on Friday.

But that's enough whining! 

Time to report the arrival of more thanksgiving happy mail (above)!  Vivian's adorable card arrived, accompanied by the cutest thanksgiving stationery. Thank you thank you thank you Viv, love everything, so charming and so very sweet of you.

And here are the cards I made for everyone ... and I enclosed a couple fall leaf die cuts from paper I watercolored and some acorns in each ... I had so much fun!

Thanks enormous bunches dear Pam, Patty, Debbie, Joyce and Viv! I had the best time making cards for you guys and eagerly looked forward to the arrival of yours, like a little kid. It was so great the way it worked out, everyone's darling cards arriving on a different day, bringing smiles across the miles, again and again.

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves too!

Happy week to everyone!