Monday, December 1, 2014

thanksgiving happy mail culmination and woohoo celebration of thankfulness of lovely crafty friends

sick as a noodle over here ... cough cough hack hack ... sort of like the walking dead, except it's more like the barely moving ...

Hubby teaches elementary school, the Petri dish of new and old fashioned viruses. No escaping the germs of 32 children - each armed with a nuclear arsenal of ickyness hahahhaha - and bringing it home to the wifey.

So we had a different holiday vacation week than we had planned - the hubby leading the way with the dastardly bug and then my being walloped and flattened by it on Friday. Each of us in denial, swearing it was bad allergies, it must be allergies, until the coughing. Will it ever end??!

We went out to dinner as planned on Thanksgiving (we were going to forfeit our deposit if we didn't, so decided to give it a try), my poor husband coughing into a handkerchief throughout the evening. I was just at that tipping point of feeling weird and low energy, but thinking I might just not get it. HAH! Take that Sally! Neener neener the weasely bug said to me. 

Smacked me down early morning on Friday.

But that's enough whining! 

Time to report the arrival of more thanksgiving happy mail (above)!  Vivian's adorable card arrived, accompanied by the cutest thanksgiving stationery. Thank you thank you thank you Viv, love everything, so charming and so very sweet of you.

And here are the cards I made for everyone ... and I enclosed a couple fall leaf die cuts from paper I watercolored and some acorns in each ... I had so much fun!

Thanks enormous bunches dear Pam, Patty, Debbie, Joyce and Viv! I had the best time making cards for you guys and eagerly looked forward to the arrival of yours, like a little kid. It was so great the way it worked out, everyone's darling cards arriving on a different day, bringing smiles across the miles, again and again.

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves too!

Happy week to everyone!


  1. Yes, that was a fun little swap! I dont think Id ever done a thanksgiving swap before. Love the card you made and sorry mine arrived to you after the holiday. I need to have a personal post office assistant! LOL! anyways.. hope youre feeling better. I am feeling much better myself this afternoon. I will return to work tomorrow! woohoo!
    have a great week

  2. It was so much fun! Your card is adorable and I will cherish it! I sure hope you get to feeling better real soon!

  3. Hey Sally...
    It was tons of fun to swap Thanksgiving cards with you. I don't make many cards anymore, so it was great to make one to send your way. We're having our turkey dinner tonight...the house is starting to smell like yummy turkey.

    FEEL's time to start Christmas stuff, not be sick!

  4. Oh how adorable Vivian's card is! Loved seeing them all, and the card you made for us is wonderful. I'm in the process of undoing thanksgiving, but it will be saved for next year. :)

    Get better friend! You have been way too sick way too often this fall. Sending you some good health kiddie germ fightin' karma, lol.