Thursday, November 27, 2014

happy thanksgiving

Giving thanks for so much today.
(except for coming down with a cold HAH!)

Wishing you love and laughter  ... and lots of PIE!
Know that you are thought of and wished ...

A very Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

number four thanksgiving happy mail and a surprise visit from Santa

Oh my!!! Gosh, what fun this is! Everybody's card is arriving on a different day and gifting me with fun every day - it's like a week of birthdays.

Today Joyce's (Scrap for Joy) card arrived ... well, actually a package arrived. Along with Joyce's so very adorable card (and sweet note), Joyce made me the cutest Christmas decoration to place on my mantle. It's so clever and darling dear Joyce and so very generous and sweet of you to make it for me, I'm overwhelmed. (I think you must be a super duper multi-tasker Joyce, accomplishing all of that while having just recently moved to a new house, in a new state, and not unpacked your craft room yet WOW!) I'll be hunting for my plate stand right away so I can enjoy it.

Thank you thank you thank you, so very much Joyce!

Once again I apologize for being a complete knucklehead with a camera. I'm so sorry - my dining room table is the only open space in the house and it's flooded with light - normally would be a good thing but not for taking photos.

Happy happy, it's almost here, Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for, my lovely crafty and dear friends, thank you for all the smiles.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

happy almost tofurky day

A wee teeny tiny bit of holiday cuteness has appeared over here ... we don't have much so it's kind of a puny looking effort LOL. WAH! It does look cheerier in person thank heavens. I'm thinking about enlisting the husband to get the gigantic box of my mom's china out of the garage for us to use on Thanksgiving. Maybe even break out the silverware. WOOHOO

Happy happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Friday, November 21, 2014

one two three happy mail!

My mail finally arrived at 5:20 PM today - I had about given up on it for the day. I feel so sorry for our mail carrier, he's even come as late as 7PM, they're so understaffed.

I am having so much fun! Lookie lookie! Adorable Thanksgiving Happy Mail number three from Debbie of Kitten Creates. So pretty, thank you thank you thank you so very much Debbie. Love the vintage images everyone has used.

I sincerely apologize for my super poor photography skills - I fear its getting worse boo hoo. Hanging my head in shame.

Happy happy holiday card making and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

yippie rolling thanksgiving happy mail celebration continues

Thanksgiving Happy Mail Card #2 arrived today from dear Patty of Patty's Pretty Things. So darling, adore the vintage image you used Patty, so sweet. Thank you thank you thank you!

I'm having so much fun, why didn't I think of a card exchange earlier?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

the very first thanksgiving happy mail has arrived at my door

(okay, I'm obviously a complete knucklehead with cameras and Photoshop - I lightened these in PS and they're still dark when I post them here WAH! I saved the changes and yet they don't seem to have stuck. ARGH!)

So excited! My very first Thanksgiving Happy Mail card (cards!) arrived in yesterdays mail. WOOHOO! Fun fun fun.

Pam, of Virginia Retro, sent me two darling cards (in two separate envelopes, can you say TWICE THE FUN?!) - a card and a tag (with a doggie! doesn't get any better than that).

Thanks so much for playing along Pam and exchanging Thanksgiving cards with me - this may have to become a whole new tradition!! 

Happy early Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

thanksgiving happy mail on its way

Hi Pam, Vivian, Debbie, Joyce and Patty! I got your cards mailed this morning WOOHOO! Hope you enjoy them - I had so much fun making them for you. Thanks so much for letting me practically beg you into making a card for me LOL. You're A+ good sports and I so appreciate it!  
Happy early Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

thanksgiving card exchange - anybody want to play? EDITED

EDITED TO ADD: So sorry! I neglected to say that your cards are to be signed by you and mine will be signed by me.  I hope everyone still wants to play? I wanted to receive some real mail in the mail again, especially at holiday time. Let me know if you've changed your mind (which is perfectly Okie Dokie with me, I understand) or if you have any questions. Thank you!

Having fun today playing around making Thanksgiving cards!

I was so sad and depressed when I only received one Halloween card in the mail this year and I thought HEY! Maybe some crafty blogger friends and acquaintances also miss snail mail and might want to exchange handmade Thanksgiving cards??

Anybody feel like making and exchanging Thanksgiving cards with me?

I know I can make five (possibly more) ... is there anyone out there who'd like to receive a handmade Thanksgiving card from me and in exchange, make a card for me?

Please leave a comment on this blog (which I'll receive in my email, all comments are moderated due to spam and robot comments).

I'll pick the first five people who comment, to make cards for. Remember, you will be making me a card too.

I would like everyone (if anyone wants to play along pretty please) to receive their cards by the latest, on Saturday November 22nd (to ensure timely Thanksgiving savoring and warm and fuzzy feelings) - so lets agree to mail by approximately Monday November 17th - Wednesday November 19th, depending on how close you are to me in Los Angeles. You never know how long USPS will take these days, it can take one day or five days for regular mail to reach me.

Let the card making begin! (I hope I hope!)


Monday, November 3, 2014

nom nom nom november begins

Day after Halloween fall feasting on Pumpkin Pizza YUMMERS!
Hurray for take-out!

A hurried photo taken of the porch before the Trick or Treaters arrived on Halloween night. Hubby, AKA, Chief Hefter and Toter of Porch Decor, made an executive decision due to a shortage of time to curtail the Halloween Extravaganza Porch Plan. Well done, HAKACHATOPD! 

Anybody else struggling with a mountain of stuff?  Feeling a teensy weensy slightly bit encouraged - dropped off nine boxes at Good Will on Saturday. WOOHOO! Fingers crossed the trend continues.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

hairy scary

FINALLY! On the 25th, I finally got my hair cut and dye touch up done after what felt like an eternity ... I was truly looking frightening bwahhahhahahaha! No more hairy scary now LOL! 
My hairdresser is so much fun - every year she and her coworkers not only dress up for Halloween but also decorate the salon from top to bottom. Her youngest daughter is an artist and did Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) makeup for her (first photo at top).

Hope you had a fun Halloween!