Wednesday, November 19, 2014

the very first thanksgiving happy mail has arrived at my door

(okay, I'm obviously a complete knucklehead with cameras and Photoshop - I lightened these in PS and they're still dark when I post them here WAH! I saved the changes and yet they don't seem to have stuck. ARGH!)

So excited! My very first Thanksgiving Happy Mail card (cards!) arrived in yesterdays mail. WOOHOO! Fun fun fun.

Pam, of Virginia Retro, sent me two darling cards (in two separate envelopes, can you say TWICE THE FUN?!) - a card and a tag (with a doggie! doesn't get any better than that).

Thanks so much for playing along Pam and exchanging Thanksgiving cards with me - this may have to become a whole new tradition!! 

Happy early Thanksgiving!


  1. I just love to get mail from sweet bloggers, your cards are so cute

  2. SO glad you like them Sally! I love the one you made for me and will be posting it over the weekend, or as soon as I can. Still dragging my laptop to the library for wifi.

    I think you may have started a new tradition! :) Can't wait to see the others!

    Hugs, Pam