Monday, November 3, 2014

nom nom nom november begins

Day after Halloween fall feasting on Pumpkin Pizza YUMMERS!
Hurray for take-out!

A hurried photo taken of the porch before the Trick or Treaters arrived on Halloween night. Hubby, AKA, Chief Hefter and Toter of Porch Decor, made an executive decision due to a shortage of time to curtail the Halloween Extravaganza Porch Plan. Well done, HAKACHATOPD! 

Anybody else struggling with a mountain of stuff?  Feeling a teensy weensy slightly bit encouraged - dropped off nine boxes at Good Will on Saturday. WOOHOO! Fingers crossed the trend continues.


  1. Good job on the boxing and donating. That is what I am doing and it is hardly making a dent in the volume. More boxing to do etc.

  2. I love your porch...and congrats on getting so much together for Goodwill. I've been donating stuff here since we moved here to help Mom in 2004...and it seems the stuff is still everywhere. We have to keep at it, I guess.

  3. Good for you Sally! It is a slow process, but that is 9 boxes of stuff you no longer have to deal with, hooray. Hubby talked me into a yard sale for last Saturday. We sold all the large stuff, lots of little stuff, and then took the rest to the DAV Thrift. It is like a weight off the shoulders, isn't it?

    Your porch looks great...and so does your pizza. :)

  4. It's taken me more then a year, but I am REALLY seeing a reduction in the amount of stuff I have. Still more to go as I want to downsize some more, but I'm feeling really positive about things. It can be done!