Thursday, March 13, 2014

procrastination saves the day

a very secret, top secret as a matter of fact,
photo of what may just be someone's supplies

Well, who'd a thunk it, huh?! Procrastination can actually be a pretty good thing sometimes when you're a noodle head like I am. Some might say, I was saved by it today in fact LOL.

I think I mentioned that I joined an embroidered sampler swap for the art event I'm going to in May ... well, I had grand highfalutin ideas for my sampler. In my head.

The base of it is to be vintage linen of a certain size. of a certain size.

I found this vintage linen napkin with cutwork that I loved at an antique mall and thought it was absolutely perfect for my sampler. 

I bought lace and ribbon and vintage buttons, etc. and thought about it quite an awful lot ... but as is my usual method of walking through life, did nothing further. Usually that would make me cranky with myself but not today.

For today I found out that my chosen linen was outside the largest dimensions our swap hostess gave us. By quite a bit, not just a hair. Thank heavens I hadn't begun right away in earnest, like an efficient on-top-of-things person would do. No - I procrastinated for a long time. And then. Something told me to reread our guidelines (weeks down the line!!!). Horror of horrors, I found my much loved linen would not do the trick. Nay, it would not. I would have to make a new plan of attack.

Thankfully I did not procrastinate but got right on the task. I found that I had one piece of linen that fits the size requirements and it's near the smallest size, suggested to use for the swap.

OH! I am doing my happy dance ... because I'm a dawdler and a delayer, I don't have to stitch a HUGE sampler anymore, cry my eyes out for my stupidity in not reading the guidelines again, kick myself in the rump, and begin anew.

Oh no! I get to start with a clean slate and a much smaller clean slate WOOHOO.

Miracles do happen. Even when you're a procrastinator.


  1. Sweet! Sometimes we get lucky with our foibles. Good that you procrastinated, and don't forget to show us when you are done. Love just looking at your pretty supplies. :)

  2. Hi Pam! I meant it as a comical post - I hope people don't think I actually meant it. Thank heavens I finally reread the guidelines, what a dodo head I am. I'm my worst enemy. I won't be able to show my sampler until after the event ... don't want to give the surprise away. Me too, I love supplies and especially sewing supplies.
    Happy Friday!

  3. Such a good thing to hear! haha....because I do love procrastinating many things! :) Can't wait to see it when you're done!! By you picture it looks like it will be beautiful, love the colors! :) xo Holly

  4. Hi Holly! Hah! Glad to hear there's a fellow procrastinator out there :)

    I didn't get to finish my duck in class - hopefully I'll get it done later on.

    Happy St. Patricks Day!

    1. Hi again Holly!
      Well DUH ... My brain doesn't work anymore, sorry! I was thinking I was on my duck post - forgot this was my sampler post. Thank you for your kind comments, I'm having fun playing and plotting out my sampler today. It'll be a long while before I can show it - it's for a secret swap. :)