Monday, March 10, 2014

my secret leprechaun has arrived

I joined Viv's Secret Leprechaun Swap and I was paired with the adorable Holly, of Damita's Pretty Wrap.  Today the mail carrier delivered my package. YIPPIE YIPPIE! I'm old as dirt but felt like a kid waiting for my surprise to arrive LOL. 

Thank you so much for all my darling things, Holly!

I opened the box and saw all this cuteness!

Out of one package, came a darling St. Patrick's Day hanger and out of another came the cutest green earrings.

Out of another came the most darling vintage shaker and out of the last one, came yummy warmer tarts.

Holly made me this darling Wearing of the Green hanger, so cute! And enclosed gold coins and rainbow confetti - such a great idea!

So many fun green things! A little potted plant, a darling owl coaster, a St. Patrick's Day hanger or ornament (SO CUTE and festive!), vintage Apple Green bias tape (which I have felt the same color!), the sweetest vintage shaker (love love love!), really cool green earrings, yummy warmer tarts in the scent of one of my favorite things (Macintosh Apples!), CHOCOLATE gold coins (chocolate, my dearest friend LOL), adorable crocheted green heart and fun rainbow confetti!

Thank you so very much for being my Secret Leprechaun, Holly, and for all the fantastic goodies you gave me. So very sweet and generous of you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Oh how sweet your package is Sally! I love the wearing the green tag! Lots of goodness there. I love the warmer tarts she makes, they smell wonderful. Bet she made the cute earrings too!

    1. Hi Pam! Isn't it sweet, so much fun stuff from Holly! Love my tag and just everything. It'll be fun to try to get some green decorating going this year.
      Happy Leprechaun Day to you!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Dottie! So nice to see you! You're so cute - yes, I did good :) Lots of cute stuff from sweet Holly!
      Happy St. Patrick's Day to you xo

  3. Your so welcome!! I'm so glad you were my secret Leprechaun! And i'm so glad it got there safely!! I'm happy you love everything!! Such nice pictures you took!! :) Wishing you a wonderful day!! xo Holly :) :)

    1. Hi Holly! So nice of you to visit. You're so sweet, thank you - it was all a pleasure. Thanks so very much for all my darling things, I will enjoy them.
      Happy Leprechaun Day and almost weekend!