Monday, January 13, 2014

the wailin' jennys

We got to see The Wailin' Jennys last night at The Broad in Santa Monica (you may have caught them on Prairie Home Companion last weekend or over the years) - so good! Such beautiful voices and the way they fit together and enhance each other, is amazing. Fun fun fun!


  1. How fun Sally! They're great. We went to a live Prairie Home Companion show last summer which featured singing sisters, Di Giallinardo sisters. Love how that show gives great talent a voice, so to speak, lol.

    Would love to see the Wailin' Jennys too. :)

    1. Hi Pam! Thanks so much for visiting my sad little blog - you can hear the proverbial pin drop over here sniffle sniffle. Thanks for continuing to comment!
      We went to a performance of Prairie Home Companion here too, sometime in the last ten years, can't remember who we saw other GK. I haven't heard of the DiGiallinardo Sisters before, I'll keep a lookout or rather, an ear out. ;)
      Happy Tuesday!