Friday, January 10, 2014

joining in AND a trip to Urgent Care

Good grief! Yesterday afternoon I was slicing onions for our dinner and the knife slipped and I cut my finger. OUCH!!! I had to go to Urgent Care - I thought for sure that I was just being my usual worry wart self and that I'd be feeling silly shortly afterward. But nuh uh - the doctor said it needed stitches. WHAT?! I'm not good with needles or blood and I already felt really traumatized and teetering on fainting, so thankfully he could sense that and he gave me a second option of "gluing" the wound shut, bandaging it and putting a splint on my finger. I jumped at the glue option LOL. 

So please be careful while using a knife!

On to more pleasant stuff ... I've joined Sandy's 521 Market Street Valentine Swap and been assigned a lovely partner, Shirley, of Zetta's Aprons.

And I'm joining in the Christmas Critter Felt Along ornament stitch along, hosted by Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage and Dawn of Creative Cabin. There'll be a linky party near the end of each month and the participants will share their ornaments. I think it'll be so fun to see what everyone did on their own with the same patterns.

And I'm so excited!  I just found out that I get to attend An Affaire at Downton, created and hosted by Kim Caldwell of Artistic Bliss Designs. The first evening we are to dress in Downton Abbey attire, how fun is that?! And the next two days are workshops with wonderful teachers, Andrea Singarella, Charlotte Lyons, Karen Valentine, Pamela Huntington, Hope Wallace Karney. Fun fun fun. It is an extravagance but time is galloping by and this year is a big birthday and the past nearly three years now, have been so difficult that I decided it was time to give myself a much needed treat!


  1. I am so jealous of your Downton Affair! It sounds wonderful and you more than deserve it, with all you've been through and a big birthday coming up!

    The ornament stitch looks like a fun & adorable project. Happily joined in Sandy's Valentine Swap also. You're going to be a busy girl Ms. Sally. It which warms my heart to see you back in crafting mode my friend. :)

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Hi Pam! It's going to be so much fun! I can't believe my good fortune, I'm sure I must be asleep and having a dream.

      Thanks so much for all your kind words and support, it means so very much!

  2. I Just love the name cute! I hope your finger heals quickly so it doesn't interfer with all the crafting fun! So glad that we're partners! =D

    1. Hi Shirley! You're a sweetie. I'm not very fond of my name, so I am very gladdened to hear you say you like it. :)
      I removed the splint and outer bandages this morning and so far so good, my finger looks good. Yippie!
      I'm so excited and looking forward to our swap!
      Happy Sunday!

  3. Glad they could glue ya back together!....Me...I do that all the time and burn with the glue gun! here..
    it's gotten so I just stick it under cold water....hold real tight....dry...and tape realllly tight. As long as it..the finger...doesn't fall off its fine in a few days...hahahahaha I still have all 10... a little scarred...but still workin!

    1. Hi Melody! So nice to see you! I'm so sorry I've pooped out on Rednesday - I can't seem to come up with anything interesting to share. I think about it every week and no light bulbs go off. I'll keep thinking on it.
      Yes, the first moment I thought, Oh just put some alchohol on it and put a bandaid on it - so I did and I couldn't get the whisper whisper blood to stop. So very scary! I don't know how I didn't pass out or throw up. Somehow I held it together for two hours before the doctor saw me and then I went into the shakes. Holy moly. I guess I had been going on adrenaline and then when I could let myself go, I WENT.
      Happy week to you! xo

  4. So glad you get to go to Kim's do! And so happy you're joining in when you can with the ornament party. So sorry about your finger! I did that cutting a bagel once - off I went to Urgent Care and I had to have stitches. Be careful!


    1. Hi Claudia! You must have noticed me going back and forth on your blog?! I went over to comment and got distracted and then the next time I went over to copy your blog address, so I could move your blog to a different place in my blogroll. I may have been there even more times?! I will be over shortly to actually finally comment!
      Isn't that crazy that I get to go to Kim's fantastic event?! Oh my lucky stars, someone knows I need some fun and some creative time. I'm rather in shock and feel rather out of my depth with all those fabulous ladies.
      So sorry you cut your finger too! I was so scared, I think I only remained upright until my husband came home because of shock or adrenalin.
      Thanks so much for stopping by! xo