Thursday, December 12, 2013

what should I do with my Barbie stuff

This is the contents of one of the many boxes I found at my parents house after my father passed away in 2011. Not sure why I had two headless Barbie's LOL. I am determined to get out from under the remaining boxes (so close and yet so far!) and want to find this stuff a new home. I also have another two or three Barbie cases and one Ken case, with stuff in them.

I apparently played very hard with my dollies ... so nothing is in great condition and this batch was left in an open shoe box for more than 45 years and exposed to the elements.

I know a lot of you sell items on Ebay, etc. and I was wondering what your advice would be? I'm thinking of selling the dolls individually (I've read that people will purchase dolls just for parts, so even if the doll isn't in great shape, portions of it may still be of value to some intrepid soul) and the clothes, accessories, etc. all together.  Or should I just give it to the Good Will and be done with it?


  1. Wow Sally, you were Barbie obsessed! I've never had one, know nada about Barbies, so no help here. Sorry! Hopefully a Barbie expert pops in. :)

    Ready for Christmas?

  2. I don't sell on Ebay (I'm afraid of it! haha!), but you could open a vintage shop on Etsy and sell some of your things. Vintage Barbie has a lot of fans. :) xox

  3. Gee, no help yet? There are so many Barbie collectors out there. Hope you're getting ready for a Holly Jolly Christmas!

  4. Wish I culd help you on this. I'd check Etsy and see what's out there and get a feel for it. Maybe that would help you decide. The weather here is back to normal-must be the bit of California you sent me. Ha ha. Have a good week!

  5. Sally I think the clothes could be worth as much as the dolls, unless you have the originals in really great condition. But the clothes, purses, etc. those are hard to get. Ebay? more people looking for Barbie there and they make it pretty painless to sell I do believe.
    Good luck and Happy healthy new year!