Wednesday, September 18, 2013

dutch postcards

A wee bit of red for Rednesday ...

two charming postcards from the Netherlands 
that I found in my mom's things - postmarked 1968.

Joining in the celebration of red with Melody,
at Brown Gingham Creations.


  1. Those postcards are real treasures to me. I love them.

  2. These are adorable, Sally! Thanks for sharing! Twyla

  3. Awww! They are so sweet. And even better that they were your mother's. Thanks for sharing!
    Erica :)

  4. Happy Rednesday!
    What perfect post. They are just too cute.
    I'm so glad you came today...and no you are not entered in the giveaway..hehe, but......I will send a are still going thru 'stuff'..hang in there going thru somehow makes people closer than when they were right in front of ya..I don't know there were things of my Grandparents that I would not have ever thought they'd keep..or bought....or's amazing.

  5. oops, I didn't go to comments first I just ran to your blog...
    that pine cabinet was a piece Jim got for me back in the late 80's it sat in it's box in my 'Hope Basement" LOL I had soooo much collected for when we married I had way tooooo much for a chest, my parents basement became the Hope Basement. Aw, two organized hoarders, well, he's a randon free puterwhereitfits kinda gal. You will neverrrrr see a photo of my basement ever. Okay it's late gotta go.

  6. Hi, Sally,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to comment. I am so sorry you and hubby are going through this. I've been there/done that with mine. I sure hope the best for ya'll.

  7. They are very sweet post cards Sally - what a vintage find!!

  8. These are so sweet, Sally. I really love vintage cards. My mother had so many of them. She was ever ready for someone's birthday or anniversary...ah, I miss her.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog. I certainly am sending good thoughts your way about your husband.

    Blessings for good health, living long, and finishing strong,


  9. So cute -- love the little girl hanging up her dolly's wash!