Tuesday, March 19, 2013

woohoo! the easter bunny made it to Canada

WHEW!  Big sigh of relief ... just received the good news from Jill that she received my swap package.  yippie yippie yippie!

I'm so frustrated and tired of working on my taxes --- I couldn't find the appraisal for my dad's house this morning and just about throttled myself --- so that's a good reason to take a break, don't you think LOL. And have some easter candy and post some pictures of what I sent to Jill.

Holy moly!  I sure suffer from lack of focus and sensory overload. I had too many ideas and too many directions.  We were to make a spoolie for our partner and send them a box or basket of goodies. Well before I could manage to focus on my spoolie, I found this darling vintage easter basket and knew it was just the thing.

I made a crepe paper ruffle for the first time ever, so much fun!  The inside of the basket is pretty small but I was able to put some chenille Easter ornaments, suckers and chocolates inside. I wrapped it up in Easter cellophane.

Making a spoolie was a real challenge for me, never having made one before.  I had a lot of fun figuring it out.  So here's my spoolie ... I used two of my grandmothers spools of threads for the base.

I took a photo of my spoolie before I put some packing in to cushion it ...

The inside of my box of goodies for Jill ...

little containers of surprises begging ...
Open me!  Goodies inside!

vintage buttons and also charms (from French General)

I am having spacing issues with stinking Blogger
and can't get rid of these cavernous spaces ... even though
they don't show up in the HTML! ARGH!

vintage bunny buttons and chick die cuts

vintage easter stickers and postcards

easter scrapbook

little easter bunnies
(no, I didn't make them but sure wish I knew how!)

Well that's it ... thank you so much Sandy for hosting!  And thank you so much Jill for all my goodies and being my very first swap partner and making it so much fun!

Happy (early) Easter!


  1. Wow Sally, You sent Jill a terrific swap package! Just love the spoolie you made her, it's so cute!!! You sent wonderful things too; love the buttons, and the post cards, and the crocheted bunnies...well, everything!

    Yeah, I end up with the same space issues too...aarrgh! :) Pam

  2. Hi Sally-
    I just visited Jill's blog and saw everything that you sent her over there too. You did such a good job! I love the way you packaged everything. So sweet and pretty.
    Jill and I have sent eachother many packages, and she's so much fun! I wish she lived in the states! lol
    Erica :)

  3. Looks like all sorts of wonderful goodies there for your swap partner! I'm sure she will LOVE everything.

  4. So many sweet Easter goodies!! Your spoolie came out so cute along with everything else! So fun! Easter hugs! xx Holly

  5. Sally, you gave so many fun things. Love, love the basket and your spoolie is precious. I sent a few little goodies with my spoolies to my partner and forgot to take pics of it. lol! I bet Jill was in heaven when this wonderful package arrived. Fun time for us all, right?

  6. Sally, Your spoolie is adorable. You are so talented and creative girlfriend! I'm sure she loved all those goodies too.I'm having the same problem-taxes. Part of it is my Dad's estate too. What a pain. I sent in out taxes and then I had to send an amended tax form. I may have to send in one more-can you even amend it that many times. They probably think I'm an idiot. Oh well. Good luck on finding all your paper work. Maybe by next week we can both breathe a sigh of relief.

  7. Ohhhh, hasn't this swap been fun! My swap with Tammy was just wonderful. I love the things you made, and the things you received. So much fun! Happy Easter!

  8. hi sally,
    the spoolie that you made is so cute... i love that little bunny on the top... is that a vintage easter card? and the white easter basket with ruffled crepe paper trim is right up my alley! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog earlier... it made my day! i look forward to your future posts :) have a happy week!