Sunday, March 17, 2013

521 Lake Street Easter Spoolie Swap Extravaganza has arrived

(Yup, you're not losing your minds - I accidentally hit publish right after I typed in the title to this post and nothing else and it took me quite awhile to add the text and photos, sorry!)

My package from my darling swap partner, Jill, arrived in yesterdays mail and ... Oh my good gosh!

The fun started right away too ... with bunnies and easter egg stickers on the shipping box and everything.  I took a picture for myself but am not posting since it has my whereabouts on it and I don't want some envious bunny burglaring going on at my place LOL. 

There were many layers of suspenseful goodness and unwrapping to be enjoyed!

First things first -
first out came the blue bag,
followed by the little pink bag ...
and the sweetest note and some stickers ...

And then there was the biggest purple easter egg
one ever did see, I assure you!
More on that later,
first we have to open the pink bag ...
Oh! I forgot to say, here is everything
out of the box ...

Lookie what was inside! 
The sweetest of earrings from Jill!
ooooohhhh - made from precious sea glass 
from Prince Edward Island. 

Be still my heart, all these goodies came
out of the blue bag --- it was like the magician
trick with the handkerchiefs, the bag was
bottomless, the cuteness endless.
So much fun!

Maple syrup from Ontario! Pretty chocolates,
cupcake papers, washi tape, even easter kleenex!

A Beatrix Potter book YIPPIE! A wonderful vintage
postcard, a decoupage egg, an easter egg magnet,
vintage rick rack and the sweetest and dearest of
all, a precious hanky from Jill's mom's collection. 
You know me, I am the biggest sentimental smoosh
ball of all time and I got all weepy when I read
that I was being gifted with it.

and now for the big reveal ...

Not only was my darling spoolie inside (!!! I love buttons and it's
covered in PINK [adore pink!] buttons), but there was yet
Can you believe it?!!
A darling compact and the cutest little bunny ever!

I think you'll agree, that was most certainly
an Easter Spoolie Extravaganza, if ever there was one!

Thank you thank you thank you Easter baskets full, Jill!

Poor Jill has to wait on my package to arrive yet ...

hanging head in shame over the combined slow pokedness
of myself and the US Postal Service.


  1. Wow! You are one lucky gal! Love the Easter button spoolie and the polka dot bunny figurine. You are gonna love Ontario maple syrup ~ it's the best especially heated on vanilla ice cream! Yummy:)

  2. Wowie is right! Jill sent you a fantastic swap package! So many adorable things, love the button spoolie, and that compact is fabu!!!

    This was such a fun swap! Looking forward to seeing what you sent to Jill! Have faith in the slow P.O., it'll get there. :) Pam

  3. Wow is right. What a package of goodies. Love the hankie she put in. The spoolie is wonderful. I'm glad you had so much fun opening all that Easter goodness. Aren't you glad you did this. Good for you, Miss Sally.

  4. I had such fun making this up for you, Sally - i'm just so happy that it made it all the way to you in one piece!! Guess we'll both sign up for swaps again, won't we!

    Don't worry - your package will be here any day.....

  5. Hello sweet Sally!
    How I love your Swap Surprise! Everything sweet item is "CUTE TIMES TEN"! I love the spolie with all the pretty buttons and the bunny perched atop.
    I'm so happy you shared the fun!
    Have a great week!
    Bunny hugzzzz,
    Carolynn xoxo

  6. WOW! You lucky duck! Everything is so cute, and I love the way the spoolie and the little ceramic bunny look side-by-side. Happy almost Spring! :) xox

  7. Whow, what a great swap. Your box was alot like mine, so full and so fun of wonderful things.
    I specially love that hankie, special indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. So fun! She really made you a sweet spoolie! I love the button egg.

  9. WOW!! Very nice --- love the button egg! You hit the jack pot!

  10. Your spoolie is pretty cool too! The bunny in the polka dot dress is adorable.
    Chris =]