Thursday, April 26, 2012

2500 into 1100 does not go!

Sorry!  I seem to have fallen off the edge of the blogging merry-go-round, huh?!  I've apparently been gone so long that blogger has changed and I'm staring at a completely unfamiliar screen as I type this.

There were some gray days over here ... I was totally smacked down and so depressed when I realized that although one year had passed, I was still stuck, very much in the midst of my father's estate business.  WAH!  It's been constant work for over a year and I had thought, had hoped for a release and a return to my own little life.  Nuh uh! 

Tax returns to figure out and file.  Done.

Fixing up my father's house so we could rent it.  Done. 

My father's house to rent.  Done.  FINALLY, one week ago our very first tenants moved in.  WAHOO!
A lawsuit against a scallywag, a worm, a weasel - a brief moment of hope and then dashed!  Now more legal wrangling and perhaps court.  So draining!

And the boxes and boxes and more boxes of a family's life to sift through.  Clues on pieces of paper, filling in puzzles, taking shape.  I'm having so much fun on, filling in our family tree with new found info. 

As much joy as it brings, it is daunting.  It feels impossible to squeeze my parents things into my much smaller home. 

So that's where I am these days ... buried under boxes in this wee hoosie, adrift in memories.

Yesterday I poured over photos of my mother when she was young.  So much fun! 

I thought my Vintage Thingie Thursday followers might enjoy this vintage photo frame with a picture of my mom in it that I found yesterday.  It's like an Ojos Dios, with a place for a photo in the center - I think my mom is about three or four in this photo.  If it is as old as my mom was, it's from the 1920's. 


  1. Cute picture! And I love that frame. I am up to my eyeballs in stuff I'd rather not be doing, but nothing like what you are going through. Sending hugs and a flashlight for the end of the tunnel! :)) xo

  2. Sally, I know the feeling-too much stuff to do after a loved one passes away. Glad you are back though. I'm also on Ancestry all the time. I love it and just ordered the family tree software so I can start putting some of it together. Good luck on getting through the piles of stuff. Hang in there!