Monday, October 17, 2011


to lose someone you love
is to alter your life forever

~ Jeanette Winterson

Some can walk through grief on their own, others cannot. Some have lasting support from their friends and family, sadly most do not. For some reason, those outside have a very short interest span regarding others grief. Those outside, wish the grieving to buck up and get over it very quickly. So most of us that are grieving, are not only suffering a tremendous loss of a loved one, but also the loss of a caring circle around us.

I found a wonderful grief support group a couple of months after my father passed away. A place where I could cry and sob and talk with other women sharing the same painful journey.

Tomorrow night is our last meeting. I am so grateful to have had their support and friendship the past six months. We are having a pot luck and we were asked to bring a favorite of our loved ones. I'm making ginger cookies, my dad's favorite cookies. Well that is if I'm not sick tomorrow - not feeling good today. WAH!

Today I made a little card to attach to their goodie bags. This is only the second time I made something since my father died and my gosh, it felt good to do something a wee bit creative.

I can no other answer make, but,
thanks and thanks.

~ William Shakespeare

So thank you so very much to our group of eight (+ one, our lovely and loving facilitator) for all of your listening and hand holding and sharing of resources and of late, lots of giggles. We are moving forward together. Thanks and thanks!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Modern Screen

November and December 1936 issues of Modern Screen.
The advertisements are especially hilarious, so much fun!
Will try to share some of the inside down the road.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

vintage stufferoonie

I've found such funny stuff at my parents house! Here's a keeper, "New Easy-Way Conditioner" booklet from Jack La Lanne. Look at how young he is!

Barbie Magazine from 1965 with Skipper and Skooter and Ricky - I don't remember poor Ricky at all but I did have both Skipper and Skooter!

Sorry, I'm a techno-know-nothing and I don't know how to "stitch" or whatever it's called so I couldn't get a complete scan of this darling children's book from 1950 (which means it was my brother's book). Darling illustrations and some of the cut outs are still left inside the book.

A program from a screening of "The Greatest Show on Earth" - I don't know if this was for the premier of the movie or if you were able to purchase programs for other showings long ago???

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yoo hoo! It's me ... over here ... yes, you aren't imaging things, I am actually posting to my blog!

First off, thank you to everyone who has continued to think of me and send their best wishes to me during this difficult time. I so appreciate your care and friendship, it buoys my sagging spirit to no end.

For the longest time I was too sad to post and too busy to post and now that life is beginning to weigh a teeny tiny bit less heavy on me, I'm not sure what to write. At all.

I guess the first order of business is to explain my post title, huh?!

I have been in the doldrums of late over our remodel project of my dad's house - the road has been bumpy and long and fraught with missteps. Our contractor is a nincompoop par excellence and his less than great workmanship has brought me to tears several times. WAH!

Anyway, so EGBOK came into my mind yesterday. It was a promotional tag line for a radio program here in Los Angeles many years ago and it means "Everything's gonna be OK" - a motto and reminder I need to tape to my mirror and everywhere else these days and take to heart.

Origin of EGBOK

My second (equally odd) choice teehee was TOAS-TITE. Has anyone else ever had a Toas-tite?

My mother made us Toas-tite sandwiches when I was little - white bread and Velveeta bwahhahhaha, placed in the Toas-tite on the stove. I thought they were the yummiest sandwiches in the whole world.

Well I found my mom's Toas-tite, obviously very much used and so far, even though it's so sorrowful to look it, I can't seem to let go of it.

(geez, it looks like my mom never cleaned the thing, doesn't it?!)

I found a site about it (well of course! is there anything left out there that hasn't been written about on the internet?!):
Toas-tite recipes

I'm taking photos of all the things that were dear to me but have no room for in my tiny, already busting at the seams house. First up, cooking utensils for my vintage-loving friends.

AND, I have come down with a hefty Pinterest addiction bwahhahhaha. I've found a few of you, my blogging friends, out there, pinning too - so nice to see familiar names and faces.

Please leave your Pinterest address so I can visit you if you feel like it!

Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to!