Thursday, October 6, 2011

vintage stufferoonie

I've found such funny stuff at my parents house! Here's a keeper, "New Easy-Way Conditioner" booklet from Jack La Lanne. Look at how young he is!

Barbie Magazine from 1965 with Skipper and Skooter and Ricky - I don't remember poor Ricky at all but I did have both Skipper and Skooter!

Sorry, I'm a techno-know-nothing and I don't know how to "stitch" or whatever it's called so I couldn't get a complete scan of this darling children's book from 1950 (which means it was my brother's book). Darling illustrations and some of the cut outs are still left inside the book.

A program from a screening of "The Greatest Show on Earth" - I don't know if this was for the premier of the movie or if you were able to purchase programs for other showings long ago???


  1. Welcome back, Sally! I have missed seeing you! I can't believe the treasures you have in your family. I come from a family where we are lucky to have one snapshot of each of us! lol! Thinking of you - xox

  2. Hi Pammie! Thank you! I'm sorry - the grass is always greener as they say. I wish I wasn't buried beneath all of this stuff, I feel like I can't breathe. WAH!

    Happy Friday! xoxoxo