Monday, October 17, 2011


to lose someone you love
is to alter your life forever

~ Jeanette Winterson

Some can walk through grief on their own, others cannot. Some have lasting support from their friends and family, sadly most do not. For some reason, those outside have a very short interest span regarding others grief. Those outside, wish the grieving to buck up and get over it very quickly. So most of us that are grieving, are not only suffering a tremendous loss of a loved one, but also the loss of a caring circle around us.

I found a wonderful grief support group a couple of months after my father passed away. A place where I could cry and sob and talk with other women sharing the same painful journey.

Tomorrow night is our last meeting. I am so grateful to have had their support and friendship the past six months. We are having a pot luck and we were asked to bring a favorite of our loved ones. I'm making ginger cookies, my dad's favorite cookies. Well that is if I'm not sick tomorrow - not feeling good today. WAH!

Today I made a little card to attach to their goodie bags. This is only the second time I made something since my father died and my gosh, it felt good to do something a wee bit creative.

I can no other answer make, but,
thanks and thanks.

~ William Shakespeare

So thank you so very much to our group of eight (+ one, our lovely and loving facilitator) for all of your listening and hand holding and sharing of resources and of late, lots of giggles. We are moving forward together. Thanks and thanks!


  1. Sally - how wonderful that you have had a group of people to help you through this. No one really knows what it is going to feel like until it happens. I've been thinking of you - xo Pam

  2. I wondered where you have been for so long....I so glad there was a group so close.
    I'm still up here at Mom and Dad's and Jim's still the Acre behind at our house....sigh.
    I really hope you're feeling better...your Dad wouldn't want you to stop playingthe best way to remember him is to do the things you love

  3. Sally, This is such a moving tribute to your father. My blog, especially in the beginning, has been about the stories of my parents. It has been my way of keeping them close to me. I hope you will continue to share with us. Elizabeth

  4. DEar I feel your overwheling grief

    my sister lost her husband 43 over a year ago and she is not any better off today dealing with his loss. she won't go to a group support so gets mad at any one in the family when we mention counseling
    I am so glad you took that step for yourself

    I wish you sweet dreams about your dad

  5. Sally,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a thoughtful message about my own Dad's passing. This is a wonderful tribute to your father. This was so comforting to read. Thanks for the hugs....and hugs right back at ya!
    Continue to smile at all the memories. We are lucky to have had wonderful fathers in our lives.
    "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened."

  6. I thought of you over Dia de Los Muertos, I remember you had an affinity for that holiday as well. I'm glad you had the support of this group to get you thru- I know most people are perplexed when a love one is lost- how do I act? what do I say? It is easier just to distance yourself. I hope you continue to surround yourself with a caring bunch. I'm thinking of you, Sally.

  7. these
    are so BEautiful
    you do inspire
    we will all come
    to this place
    in our own time...

    take time for you too,
    xox - eb .