Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The patient is home

Thanks again everyone for all of your support and kind words, thoughts and prayers for my dad and myself! My father was able to go home yesterday afternoon. YAHOO!

He drives me crazy - he had his girlfriend drive him to a business appointment this morning - not one day of rest at home. He's quite the dynamo!

Speaking of losing one's mind, I am trying to organize my embroidery floss. OMG! Talk about the thing that won't end!!! I keep thinking I have all my thread out and it's in numerical order, and then, I find yet another bag or box and there's a ton MORE. What on earth possessed me to buy so much floss??? For Pete's sake (wonder who Pete was teehee!), I never do anything in a small way ... ay yi yi.

Sending you wishes for a lovely week from under my mountain of floss - send out a search party if you don't hear from me soon!



  1. Sitting and concentrating on getting your threads in order, hopefully makes you relax. Each day is a new challenge in life. It is hard at times, but never give up. Time does take care of things.

  2. Glad your Dad is home! Good luck with the floss! Hope you find your way out of the pile!

  3. Hi Sally! I am so glad your Dad is home and busy, busy. ;) As for the floss, do what I do and dump it all into a box, and fish for the colors when you need them. xox!! Pam

  4. I am so glad to see that your Dad is back home again and doing well! And you're way ahead of me with the floss organizing... I use the "giant pile in a drawer" method. :P