Saturday, September 4, 2010

A little setback

We went to the hospital earlier today. My dad's girlfriend (yup, not only does he work at 91 but he has a girlfriend too!) said that my dad now has an arrhythmia - I asked her if it was different from his usual wonky heartbeat and she said yes, that he has "atrial fibrillation", which is different from his usual extra beat thing he has - so they are trying to figure out what that is all about and have put him on meds for it. He also seems to have picked up a "bug" and they've put him on antibiotics for that. They are giving him a high level of oxygen too (he has emphysema) and want to get that down before sending him home - his girlfriend said maybe in a couple of days, he might be able to go home.

Thank you again for all of your support, sweet comments and concern for my dad.

Hope you're enjoying a great Labor Day weekend!


Oh! We've got a munch box in our tree for the squirrels and it's so much fun to watch them! My husband said that one day there were five in the tree at the same time, cavorting around. We go to this great store, Wild Wings, for our bird and squirrel supplies and they sent us this fun video to watch. Enjoy!


  1. Good news about your Dad! Hope he's home soon. I about died laughing at the squirrels. That's unbelievable! So cute tho. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sally - I've been thinking of you and wondering how your Dad is doing. I hope he feels better tomorrow and gets to go home, soon. Love to you - xo Pam