Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a jumble of reds

We made it down to the very last box of my parents things yesterday. I had been longing for this day.  Silly me.  I thought it would bring with it some sense of closure. But now I find myself so sad that there isn't more to go through. Good gosh, grief is the ultimate long and winding road. With roller coaster bits and hair turns and whiplash and monsoon rains and barren wastelands ... and back again.

Anyway ... here are some of the reds found yesterday ...

This camera belonged to my dad's sister.  I can only remember meeting her once in my life.  I was about eight years old and she and her husband came down to visit my grandmother, her mother. She gave me this camera that day.  I loved the way the lens cover went up and down and that you looked in the top for the view finder.

My mother made this teddy bear approximately 25 years ago?  She had two wonderful friends who were crafts teachers (one taught the making of dollhouse miniatures and the other taught quilting). Her two friends would drive up to my mom's house for lunch and crafty afternoons.

The painting behind it was done by my fathers girlfriend in the few weeks after he passed away. With time weighing heavy on her and her love of painting, she did this painting of the teddy bear in it's spot in my old bedroom ... forever capturing one of my old dressers, the teddy, a couple of my mom's knick knacks and a cheap copy of a Renoir that my mother adored. My fathers companion gave it to me shortly before she left my fathers house to begin her new life.

I don't remember these figurines in our house - I'm wondering if perhaps they were my grandmothers?  Two of them have a $0.09 ... nine cents! ... price tag on them ahhahhahahhahha!  That's a long time ago that you could purchase something for nine cents in a store!

And lastly these cute recipe tins - neither one had recipes in it but then my mother wasn't big on organization.  I think the shredded wheat one is from the 70's?  Anyone know how old the Pennsylvania Dutch motif one is???

 Please join me in the fun with Sue at It's A Very Cherry World for Rednesday here!


  1. I know how exhausting and emotional it is to go through your parents things. Hope you can relax and enjoy some quiet time to remember all the special times you had with your parents.

  2. I have the Penn Dutch one it was my mom's and remember it from the 50s. My parents died long ago and I am still sorting its a process. E

  3. Oh my gosh is this a sweet post. It brings tears to my heart. I am having such a difficult time with the thought of loved ones leaving. I can see my husband's generation getting older for the first time. Blogging makes me think about what I will leave behind for my children to discover. Too many thoughts for one day! The teddy bear and his story are priceless! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Elizabeth

  4. Oh Sally, I know how you feel getting to that last box. AT least you got to stretch it out and take your time. That little painting is so dear. the teddy bear made by your Mom and the dresser in your childhood room. Wow-what a treasure. It's hard, but try to focus on the positive-you have alot of really neat things to remember your Dad and Mom. Hang in there sweet friend. I'm thinking of you!

  5. I feel for you - I've been through it!

    I love the Shredded Wheat recipe box, so cute!!

    My Mom used to make teddies too - matter of fact, there is one around that is probably the same pattern as the one you have!

  6. I can't imagine how hard this must be. But having these belongings and your wonderful memories is such a cherished thing to hold. The Teddy Bear is just so sweet. It was very tenderly put together in the painting. I hope you are healing from your grief. God Bless you dear one.