Thursday, September 10, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. nine - what I made for my partner

Number nine sampler completed and received in A Swap For All Seasons, only three more to go now.

Dear Debbie, of Kitten Creates, was my partner to create something for this time around. Debbie loves to sew and quilt and I had found this fun fabric with a notions theme and thought it might be something she would enjoy.

And talk about serendipity and convergence of craft supply hoarding LOL! I found the fun vintage graphic for the card in a 1938 issue of "Home Arts Needlecraft" magazine I picked up several years ago and I found I had a vintage pack of rick rack and made a copy of the magazine graphic and rick rack label to use - both blues matching perfectly, like they were meant to be together. YIPPIE!

It's been a pleasure being your partner Debbie, I had so much fun making you a sampler!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Sally you really put together the perfect theme for Debbie. How wonderful that it all came together just like it was meant to be. I am really enjoying these fabric sampler swaps.

  2. I'm so thrilled that I now have this sweet sewing themed sampler created by YOU, Sally...I absolutely LOVE it! Your packaging is so gorgeous...and what fun to hear how your "hoarding" brought together such a serendipitous combination of images. Remember...with us artists, it's not "hoarding"'s "saving these supplies because I know I'll NEED them one day"!!!
    Thanks again...I love everything about my little swap banner.

  3. Sally, how cute is that? You are still crafting away and making such cute things. I have been quietly following along, and have started to blog again. Thanks for checking up on me from time to time. Happy Fall!