Monday, June 8, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. six - what I received from my partner

The fun continues unabated at A Swap For All Seasons! I received my sampler number six from my darling partner, Sherry, of Creatology on Saturday. WOOHOO! The absolute cutest!!!

Sherry is much nicer than I am LOL! She asked me what I like in terms of themes, colors, etc. (which I didn't do for my partners, sorry guys!).  I told her that I love houses, hearts, flowers and dogs and that I love blue greens. And as you can see, she nailed it. Unbeknownst to Sherry, she has ESP and she included a golden doggie for this Golden Retriever lover.

And ... Sherry and I both live in California and we've been bemoaning our drought and need for water and we've been doing rain dances and speaking to the heavens ... and Sherry even included a Rain Goddess too in my sampler! How fun is that?!!

Thank you so very much for my sampler Sherry, it made me smile and giggle with delight. Love it! It's been a pleasure and great fun being your partner.

And a huge thank you again to Linda, for gathering us together for this great swap and all the creative inspiration and good times!


  1. Well how darn cute is that, just adorable & perfect for you Sally. Can't wait to see what a fantastic banner you will have.

  2. Sally Annie you are sew very welcome. The Creative Muses all came together to make this little sampler banner. I had sew much fun and am very thrilled you like it. Creative Banner Bliss Dear...

  3. how sweet! Swaps are so fun! As for the drought. that is so scary. I hate thinking about the conditions around our country. I know you all need rain in CA.. but some how texas got it all! no fair! and not good for either of you.
    I hope you have a lovely day!

  4. What a cute sampler, it looks so bright and cheery! Perfect for summer coming! :) We have a chance for rain the rest of this week and it poured yesterday....maybe I'll try to send some your way ;) Hope you have a wonderful week!! xo Holly