Friday, May 1, 2015

HELP! Winnie the Pooh cross stitch pattern needed!

Hellooooo! Crazed soon-to-be-an-Auntie, on a mission! My niece is decorating her nursery in Classic Winnie the Pooh and I sooooooooooooo want to make this birth sampler for her as a gift. It was a kit made by Anchor and is no longer available - at first it looked like I could get it from the UK but it's not available there either. WAH!!!  sniffle sniffle

Does anyone possibly have the chart (I don't need the kit, just the chart) and would be willing to lend it to me, thereby making me immensely happy (and very bouncy, like Tigger) and eternally grateful and less likely to go bonkers???

Thank you bunches for listening to my whining and any help you can give!

Wish I had some Elevenses, as Pooh would say, a scone and some tea would be delightful ... TGIF!



  1. oh darn! I hope you find what your looking for. I love winnie the pooh too. Is there anything that closely resembles that one? good luck my friend!

    1. Hi Viv! Oh my old rumpus is stuck to my chair! I've sat on the computer for hours, hunting for this one or another one but no luck yet! I think I've found every Winnie the Pooh cross stitch pattern in existence, except for the one I want. BOO HOO sniffle sniffle WAH! Thank you for the good luck wishes xoxo

  2. Hi did you ever find this pattern?
    Or any other vintage pooh patterns?
    It looks like they made a ton and discontinued them a few years ago :(
    Please let me know when you have a moment.

    1. Hi Sarah, the pattern has been out of print for several years at least - I assume the others are too. I never found it for sale on eBay or Etsy and no one ever offered to loan me theirs. It's so darling, it would have been perfect. Oh well! Good luck to you if you are also searching for it!