Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013


November 22, 1963.

Fifty years ago today, I was nine years old and the day began like any other day in my nine year old life. A school morning, seemingly unremarkable and then my favorite subject "lunch time", followed by playing on the playground after lunch, before returning to class for the afternoon. 

If you lived close enough to the school, you were allowed to walk home for lunch. And so it was that one of my classmates went home for lunch on that ordinary morning and returned with the news that our President had been shot and killed. 

I can remember that we were very upset and called our little friend a liar.

Funny how selective the memory is. I have no memory of our teacher or Principal talking to us when we returned to the classroom after lunch. And I can't remember if we just proceeded with the rest of the school day, as usual? Or if we were sent home?

I don't remember anything my mother said to me when I got home from school. I know that sometime after I was home from school that day, my father came home and said to me, "You will never forget this day. You will remember it for always".

I remember seeing so many of the images on television those first few days. Walter Cronkite. Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. The line to see the casket in the rotunda. Little John John saluting. The entire country in shock, grief and mourning.

And as my father had foreseen, I have remembered it, always. A day that changed our lives forever as individuals and as a country.

Remembering my father today also, tomorrow would have been his 95th birthday.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


gobble gobble. It's almost time to wish you a Happy Tofurky Day, can you believe it?!  Where has the time gotten to?

Stitching and reading away over here ... dastardly old cold bug won't let go of me. achoo sniffle sniffle. cough.

Hope all is well with everyone, happy Sunday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

be like two fried eggs

"You got to keep your sunny side up, up
Let your laughter shine through, do stand upon your legs
Be like two fried eggs keep your sunny side up ..."

~ from the musical "Good News"

Choosing to be like two fried eggs over here hehe (after the initial shock and nervous nellies have had their way with us and now subsided) and be optimistic! My mantra is all is well, all will be well ... which seems to have some kinks to be worked out as I woke up with a mean old sore throat, in the middle of the night yesterday and now have a head cold and feel awful. Drat drat drat. WAH!

And I've fallen off the wagon on my pledge to not buy any books or magazines - Hello, my name is Sally and I'm addicted to books and (holiday) magazines! Not pretty I know, but there it is dear friends LOL.

I wanted to mention two books - I just finished "And the Mountains Echoed" and loved it, especially the beginning, so beautifully written, it made me cry. And now I've started "The Night Circus" while laying around like a limp noodle and am finding it so charming and entertaining. 

Dreaming of holiday crafting over here! I found an old wooden bowl of my mom's and hoping to fill it with cross stitch small's for all the various holidays. Hoping to start on some for Thanksgiving when I feel up to climbing on the ladder to get down my floss boxes that I stored at the top of my shelves like a complete nutball.

My husband is well on the mend, yippie! Thanks again so much for all of your care and concern, prayers and good wishes and friendship.

Happy weekend to everyone!