Friday, November 8, 2013

be like two fried eggs

"You got to keep your sunny side up, up
Let your laughter shine through, do stand upon your legs
Be like two fried eggs keep your sunny side up ..."

~ from the musical "Good News"

Choosing to be like two fried eggs over here hehe (after the initial shock and nervous nellies have had their way with us and now subsided) and be optimistic! My mantra is all is well, all will be well ... which seems to have some kinks to be worked out as I woke up with a mean old sore throat, in the middle of the night yesterday and now have a head cold and feel awful. Drat drat drat. WAH!

And I've fallen off the wagon on my pledge to not buy any books or magazines - Hello, my name is Sally and I'm addicted to books and (holiday) magazines! Not pretty I know, but there it is dear friends LOL.

I wanted to mention two books - I just finished "And the Mountains Echoed" and loved it, especially the beginning, so beautifully written, it made me cry. And now I've started "The Night Circus" while laying around like a limp noodle and am finding it so charming and entertaining. 

Dreaming of holiday crafting over here! I found an old wooden bowl of my mom's and hoping to fill it with cross stitch small's for all the various holidays. Hoping to start on some for Thanksgiving when I feel up to climbing on the ladder to get down my floss boxes that I stored at the top of my shelves like a complete nutball.

My husband is well on the mend, yippie! Thanks again so much for all of your care and concern, prayers and good wishes and friendship.

Happy weekend to everyone!


  1. Yeah!! Sounds like things are getting back to normal over there. You go girl and buy those holiday zines. Glad Hubby is getting better. Have fun and get over that cold!

  2. I love myself a good holiday zine and cuppa tea. :) I'm glad the hubby is on the mend. I'm right there with you on holiday crafting. I decided I wanted a little pink glittery shadow box with tiny Christmas trees in it, so I've been glittering away and having a lot of fun. More fun is good, Sally - so get that box down! Feel better xox

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed The Night Circus, saw it in audio at the library and thought I might listen to it for a second read.
    Glad to see you back to being your old self, sorry you got sick. Stress will do that.
    Get on that flossing project! :)

  4. Glad to hear that your husband is on the mend!! It's good to be able to escape from reality and plunge into a good book. Just take one day at a time!! God Bless!

  5. If you're finding something "charming and entertaining", then it seems to me that you shouldn't feel guilty about it! Buy your books and magazines! You certainly deserve to sit peacefully with your reading material. It goes right along with keeping your sunny side up, right? :)
    Hope your throat/cold gets better soon Sally!