Wednesday, October 30, 2013

too pooped to post

Sorry to be so long in updating but I'm worn down to a nubbins and too pooped to post much of a blog post. The two and a half month build up of worry and stress has taken it's toll and I have zero energy.  So just letting go and giving in and enjoying reading and napping and eating curative chocolate LOL.

My husbands surgery went very well HURRAY HURRAH!  Now we wait for the pathology results of the "suspicious" area on his MRI - hopefully we will hear tomorrow, Thursday. His surgeon believes all will be well.  Keep those fingers crossed!

Thanks so very much for all of your care and concern and healing thoughts and prayers, we so appreciate it and all of you. Please know you are so very dear. 


  1. God Bless to you and to your husband!! This is a difficult time - remember to take care of yourself so you can be strong for your husband!!

  2. Just seeing your post come up in my blog roll made me smile. If you're posting, you're on the path back to some normalcy. Positive thoughts for positive news today! :)