Tuesday, August 6, 2013

things are feeling a little bit lighter around here

Thank you so much everyone for all of your kindness, sweet words, healing thoughts and prayers. I greatly appreciate it and you!

Well gosh, we are on quite the winding road. 

We saw my husbands primary care doctor yesterday and it was very helpful.

From what the Oncologist said last Friday, we were under the impression that the traditional surgery sounded the best. Now after speaking with my husbands doctor yesterday and being told that 90% of his patients these days have the "robotic" or laparoscopic surgery, we are now more interested in it.

Ay yi yi.  Up down all around. 

So the appointment scheduled for a second opinion tomorrow (with a doctor that does the traditional surgery) has now been cancelled and next week we will see one who does the robotic surgery instead. 

The good news is that my husbands primary care Doctor said again that "we caught it early" and there is time to figure out what we want to do and he was very reassuring about post operative effects - which the other doctor had freaked my husband out. He also stated that he believed surgery to be the best choice.

We are getting all of this input from people who know of someone who had radiation and "they're doing just fine" - but they're regular people/lay people passing on this info - regular people who have no idea if the people they know had the same degree or type of cancer involvement as my husband - and yet give their opinions and recommendations to him. One went so far as to get pissy with my husband, when my husband told him that his Urologist told him radiology wasn't the best/most safe option for him. For him.


Anyway, we had a spot of fun on Sunday - went out to breakfast and then ... 

We went to the Quilt Show in Long Beach and I did a wee bit of Retail Therapy hahhahahha. Tried to keep a lid on it this time but did come home with some holiday fabric and some more buttons. Cannot resist buttons.

And after lunch at CPK, we went to a fun exhibit at the Long Beach Museum --- about dog houses.


Thanks again, so very much for your concern and friendship!


  1. Thinking of you lots Sally! Glad you got to get out and have a fun day. Really good that your hubby got to see this other physician, and will have a different second opinion. Sounds like the new doctor not only has knowledge, but also some "bedside manner". Lots of doctors now seem to be dolts and have none. ((hugs)), Pam

  2. I'm glad you still had time for some fun. I'm thinking of you both often and saying prayers for you both! Twyla