Monday, August 27, 2012

things are a bit brighter

Thanks so much for your kind words, they mean so much to me!

Hurray, my Auntie is much improved!  Yabba dabba doo!  When we visited with her this past Friday, she didn't want to remain in her room for our visit, she wanted to go to the lounge - she got herself up and out of her bed, grabbed her walker and she was off.  So cute.  She talked a mile a minute for the hour and a half we were there.  So she seems to be returning to at least, a version of her old self. 

She's going to be a great grandmother too and we're all looking forward to a small family get together to celebrate in September.

We still don't know what's up with our doggie for sure. They thought she had Cushing's Disease but after several tests, the results came back negative.  Now the vet thinks she's had a reaction to her thyroid medication, says an animal can develop a sensitivity to a prescription and that being ravenous, scarfing down food, vomiting, panting and agitation can also be symptoms of too much thyroid medication.  The vet reduced her dosage and thinks she should be better by the end of this week.  Fingers crossed.

We've had to feed her three times a day and split those three meals into six bowls at each feeding, so that she could keep her food down.  18 bowls of food a day, timed at ten minute intervals at each feeding. Anything for our little (well, not so little) pookie pie!  

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We saw a fun movie yesterday, Robot & Frank, to celebrate my husbands last day of vacation.

Happy Monday!


  1. Glad your aunt is doing better!

  2. So glad to hear your Aunt is feeling better..I know it is a sigh of relief!

  3. Oh I hope your "not so little pookie pie" feels better soon! I know it's scary to have our animals be sick...since they are our babies!
    Of course I'm happy to hear that your aunt is doing much better now too! Remember to take care of yourself! :)

  4. I"m glad your Aunt is better, and your sweet pooch, too! That movie is on my list to see. xox!!

  5. So glad your Aunt is doing better. I know having a sick doggie is stressful. Hope Pookie Pie feels better soon too. Glad your seeing things a bit brighter now!