Thursday, July 26, 2012

vintage polaroid land camera

Produced: 1948-1953 / Original Retail: $89.75
Estimated Production: 800,000 - (900,000)

First commercially available instant picture camera

Info found at The Land List: An Ongoing Project in Catloging Polaroid Cameras

and at Historical Cameras

Oh gosh. It's so very hard to know what to do with all of the wonderful, fun, sentimental things I've inherited?!  I would keep everything if space allowed but alas living in a cracker box of a house, it doesn't. And I don't want to rent a storage space - I know that would become the thing that went on forever.  WAH!

I can only find a few polaroid photos and this camera appears pretty pristine, suggesting it was barely ever used. The accessory boxes show age but the items inside look brand new.


  1. Hi Sally, The poloroid is really cool. I know when we downsized, I could hardly bring anything back, except pictures and small stuff. I guess that made the decision easier on what to keep. I did end up bringing back my Mom's dining room table and chairs, because she loved it so much.I think you should keep the stuff that you are most attached to and take lots of pics of stuff you might get rid of. We went thru each room and took pictures of everything, just so I wouldn't forget.
    ANyway, sounds like a really fun weekend. Quilt show and Renegade-you are so lucky. Have a great time.

  2. Hi Sally, what an awesome camera! I just found one very similar on my gal pal Oregon trip. It was $42. At first I tried to resist the price tag, but I knew I would regret it so I had to cave and bring it home with me. Oh wonderful that yours has a family connection.

  3. What a cool camera, I have a meager collection started myself. Have a great weekend, Sally!

  4. I love that fantastic camera ! My dad had one very much like it when I was young.

  5. As an auctioneers daughter I would suggest you get it all together and have one big old auction. Lots of fun and a lot less work than all other avenues for resale. You get to sit back and let the auction company do all the work. Plus the bidding aspic will cause bidding wars that bring you a lot more money.