Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Find a seat and grab some popcorn

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Anyone remember this?! All the giggles and good times of going to the theater in your own home (what a concept hahhahhahaha) ... dad would get out the screen and set up the projector and mom would make a BIG bowl of popcorn and we'd all settle in to watch cartoons and short films.

vintage E-Z Pop TV commercial from the 50's

My mom would always make popcorn the old fashioned way,
but I do remember her bringing home Jiffy Pop when it first came out.

This Rednesday, I thought I'd share these 8 mm films that belonged to my brother ... Woody Woodpecker in "Well Oiled", Woody Woodpecker in "Termites from Mars", "Oswald the Rabbit" and "Ten Fathoms Deep" - I looked this last one up, wondering what it could be and found the following snippets here:

"Ten Fathoms Deep" (Castle Films) is still a compelling bit of footage that only hinted at future possibilities which the former French naval officer spent a lifetime achieving - the safest and most practical manner that allows man to explore and research the deep oceans of the world.

It's from 1952 and about Jacques Cousteau, how fun is that?!

It also said:

" ... among his considerable accomplishments, designed and built the first scuba diver regulator (aqua lung) in the 1950s, as well as the first underwater camera housing apparatus more than 50 years ago which, at the time, could hold only 13 minutes of film."


  1. Oh wow, you just brought back some really great memories for me! My Dad had a projector, and we'd watch our home movies on it, along with some other movies, one of which was about a huge spider that was terrorizing a town. Next time I go to my Mom's, I need to find those movies!
    Happy REDnesday,

  2. What an awesome walk down memory lane with that vintage commercial.

  3. Yes, indeed I remember those days.

  4. What a unique item for "REDnesday! Thank you for sharing these with us! I just love the graphics on the boxes. :)

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Singin' the Woody Wood Pecker Song! You lucky girl, what great old movies!


  6. Ha ha ha ha ha! Singin' the Woody Wood Pecker song! You lucky girl with those cool old movies!