Wednesday, June 1, 2011

nature or nurture

One of the fun items and treasures I've found at my Dad's house is this small cigar tin of recipes from my mother's family. It appears to have been begun by my great grandmother and then added to by my grandmother.

So it must be hereditary, the very tapestry of my being, this love of recipes and recipe collecting ... and some occasional cooking bwahahhahha!

The most fun was finding this Nestle's wrapper with a "new recipe" for Toll House Chocolate Cookies!!! OH! I love me some warm chocolate chip cookies ... mmmmmmmmm! I am guessing this wrapper is about seventy + years old ... since it says the recipe is "new" and the instructions state to chop the chocolate bar - chocolate chips had not been invented yet.

Imagine that, a world without chocolate chips. WOW!


  1. Very cool. Great find. I love old wrappers to remind us how long certain things have been around

  2. How fun...hope you are doing well and things are moving along in a positive manner..Don’t work to hard and enjoy these beautiful days
    we are having.

  3. Thank goodness they invented chocolate chips! If I had to chop up a chocolate bar, most of it would just end up in my mouth! haha! As it is, when I make the cookies, I have a little 'tasting' pile. :) Are you going to make some of the recipes? What a great little treasure chest! xox! Pam

  4. Hi Sally...I found you through several know how it goes, one leads to another and another. I'm very sorry about your dad. I know how you are feeling. I lost mine almost a year ago...August 3rd. It's coming up so quick it just doesn't seem like he's been gone that long. It's very hard, I know. Mine was 81 and accidentally electrocuted himself, shorted out his pace maker. My son found him. I envy you in that you had a funeral for him and were able to say your goodbyes. I was not so lucky. Mine did not have a funeral, did not want one. I was so upset about it and almost 6 hours away. My work wouldn't let me work so I had to sit at home trying to come to grips with the fact that he was gone and I was never going to tell him I loved him again. I sit here with tears as I type this. I miss him terribly, as I know you must miss your dad terribly. All we can do is take it one day at a time and consider ourselves lucky that we had them and their love as long as we did. Much love and hugs to you. xoxox

  5. Hi Sallly! Looks like you are havin some fun. At least in your typing you sound better. You are sooooo lucky with that Cookie wrapper/recipe...if ya make copies I'd love to have one ;0) Can't wait to see you next post